Adelaide is blessed with many fine bakeries, most of which are a long the routes we often cycle.


Which bakery can you not ride past without dropping in for some carb loading?  Maybe it is the bakery at Meadows, or is it something closer to home - the Orange Spot at Glenelg always seems to do a good trade.


Maybe we could do an Adelaide Cyclists Bakery Crawl - a 100km loop that incorporates some of the best pastries & cakes that this town has to offer!

A map showing all of the nominated bakeries from this discussion.

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Whenever I get back to Adelaide I normally try and do one ride through Loberthal just for the bakery. Been a while since I was able to get there, hope its still good when I visit in January.
This discussion started on 25th. Now 26th and already 33 replies. Definite that cyclists like bakeries (and coffee - I had two coffees and carrot cake today in the city with a fellow cyclist).

Many cyclists name favourite bakeries in the hills. So they like cycling exercise of longer rides with hills added in. Does the food taste better when you have earned your right to scoff kilojoules?
Thank goodeness you had the second coffee, you need to counteract against potential health foods like carrot cake. Then again if the cake had butter icing, you're headed for one way ride in a black car.
Clive, I know you are joking.

Seriously a medical specialist and a naturopath tried to persuade me to give up coffee, but I vetoed this for a while. My reading of medical research is that coffee provides some protection against diabetes and alzheimer's, both of which I have risk factors. Then I read a book by David Suzuki stating coffee is very polluted with pesticides. This surprised me because I thought small farmers were being 'cut to the bone' by coffee bean buyers, and the farmers would be unable to afford chemical sprays. How does one tell where one's food comes from and its purity? So I cut back to coffee only when I am out. Have a similar practice for avoiding cakes and biscuits - do not buy any 'naughty' foods to keep in the pantry. Still overweight and reduced energy but that is due to a health condition, which explains why I have cut back on coffee and cake. Yes Clive, the carrot cake had icing on it.
Forgot to mention as don't go that way often, but when I do ... the Gawler South Bakery. Pepper steak pie is worthy of it's name, and the apricot slice is like they used to (and should) be. Thanks for the other pepper steak pie nominees - and Pete, happy to join you.
this is easily more than 1 ride.
Northwest loop
start Orange spot (Glenelg); Henley Beach (next to coffe Club), The Mill (semaphore); Gawler South (not sure what route to take), pizza at Yulebury, (not sure what rout to take), St Georges Bakery or Wattle park

South Loop
Becks bake house (winston ave);
Clarendon Bakery
Meadows bakery
Mclaren vale (BJ's pick..not sure which one exactly)
Willunga bakery, then willunga hill to shake loose the accumulating sludge from the arteries
back to Mclaren Vale for Blessed Cheese shop, veloway to
Blakes Bakers Sth Rd Reynella (would veloway get us there?)
end Glenelg - bring ya togs and wallow.
Lots of great suggestions here - thanks guys & girls. You are making me hungry!!!

The questions is where to start?

One of the rules of the bicycle bakery crawl is that we all get weighed at the start and then weigh in again at the end. Anyone who comes home lighter than when they started has to do another lap and eat more pies! :)
My personal Tour de Bakery - Fleurieu Peninsula.
Start at Aldinga Beach (opens at 6.30am)
Willunga Bakery
Meadows Bakery
Macclesfield Bakery
Strathalbyn Bakery
Mt Barker Bakery (can't remember name)
Otto's Handorf
Echunga Bakery
Kangarilla - (can't recall if there is one there, but you have to get back via this way to get to Meadows)!
Meadows Bakery again
McLaren Vale Bakery
Back to Aldinga Beach for closing at 5pm!

155km, Willunga and Wistow Hills to climb and alot of rolling hills in between!!
I have just plotted them all on a Google map. I think I have them all in the correct locations, some were a bit of a guess.

I have also added a few extra of my personal favourites (like Pt Elliot and Yankalilla). I also added Lyndoch Bakery in the Barossa, not that it is a favourite (I think it is over-rated) but if we are heading out to Tanunda it is on the way. I reluctantly left off one of my favs...the Stone Hut Bakery. If you don't know where Stone Hut is, Google it!

I hope this link here!
I have to agree about stone hut. They do the best game pies anywhere - wood oven baked. It's just a bit too far to cycle to get one. I always stock up when I'm in the area back from the Flinders.
Stone Hut is one of my fav's.
Clicked here and learnt that Main North Road stretches a long way.
Don, can you provide the map with the bakeries plotted?


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