Adelaide is blessed with many fine bakeries, most of which are a long the routes we often cycle.


Which bakery can you not ride past without dropping in for some carb loading?  Maybe it is the bakery at Meadows, or is it something closer to home - the Orange Spot at Glenelg always seems to do a good trade.


Maybe we could do an Adelaide Cyclists Bakery Crawl - a 100km loop that incorporates some of the best pastries & cakes that this town has to offer!

A map showing all of the nominated bakeries from this discussion.

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Becks Bakehouse on Winston ave. The Ned Kelly pie is the best pie I have ever had, and many others agree.
x2 - they are fine exponents of quality chicken pies, scientifically proven to aid climbing ability
St Peters Bakehouse gets my vote. Close to my work, food baked on site and friendly service. Yum!
At McLaren Vale at the top of the rise, past the McLaren Flat turn-off. Can't resist their fresh iced-doughnuts. They come up with some different comination pasties and pies as well.
Any bakery that happily pops the goodies in my lunchbox - so no paper bags, no wrappings - gets the thumbs-up from me.
Wattle Park Bakery!
Great coffee, the chilli pies are yum and the sticky date cookies are v.moorish
We typically drop in after cycling down the MtBike tracks from the top of Skye.
Willunga Bakery
The Mill! Bower Road. Pan flat from any direction to get there too ;-)
The mill semaphore killa
i 3rd the mill ...
Eating is one of my favourite hobbies. I cycle so I can pig out without too much guilt!

O'connell Street Bakery is the top of my list.
I live on their steak and pepper pies. Bacon and steak pies are great too.

Perrymans bakery does excellent beesting buns (also excellent vegie pasties, but really bad pies). I monitor their beesting quality control frequently (see pic below)

Has to be the grain and Bean on Bartley Tce, West Lakes! Great for an early morning ride.. Great muesli breakfast.


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