With all the talk of carbon this and carbon that there has been talk of people going back to steel frames so  i was wondering what people are rolling on. Old, new, reclaimed, road, mtb ......

I have 

'86(?) Colnago Super Sprint

late 90s Fausto Coppi as the work horse

Surly 1x1 SS race mtb

Shogun Trail Breaker SS - Wet weather special

Projects/lying around

Raleigh Super Course MK2

Malvern Star 5 Star from way back in the day, plucked out of someones garden - insanely light for its age

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I have a Tange Frame set sitting on the shed wall, its off a reasonable quality built up bike, Araya rims, Suntour ARX , but for the life of me cannot remember what "brand-name" it was. Quite light, but also has a set of carbon forks on it :)

Well I ride a steel frame now (1980 Sierra made in Adelaide), and I've got a Ricardo that's too big for me but I fancy a Surly Cross Check or maybe something like an Independent - a real rando style over a racer.

Love the indifab. This one is very tidy

1980's Raleigh tour of britain special edition. Love it. Reynolds 501 tubing and a faithful old workhorse that may make an outing on the next winter ride as long as my belongings arrive from the uk in time

I have a steel frame made by a company in Sheffield, England. Bought it back in 91 and bought it over with me from the UK.
They made frames for Malcolm Elliot who won the Milk Race a couple of times before turning pro and rode the Tour a couple of times.
It's Reynolds 653 tubing with an 8 speed Campag Veloce groupset.
Still got my racing wheels with a 12-19 cassette.
I don't get out on it but use it on the Turbo trainer.

You don't take her out on outings? **Shock**

Shame on you. Poor thing. :)

you can buy one of Malcolm Elliot's bikes here

I have a 1937 (Adelaide) Bullock, a 1949 (Wollongong) Spearman, a late 1970's (Adelaide) Ricardo now as a fixed gear.

I would use it more but need a different block as I only have a 12-21 or 12-19 also got a 53/42 chainrings too.
If I could get an eight speed 25 or 27 block I would use it more.

The Malc Elliot bike is made by M&B cycles which is who made mine.

That looks gorgeous.

Europa - bought new in the early/mid eighties and still going strong. Used her original kit until about 5 years ago, then she served about 5 years as a fixed gear (slowly getting updated from a bare minimum suicide conversion. She was fitted with 9sp Ultegra bits and home built wheels (Velocity DeepV rims mated to Ultegra hubs) early this year. The frame is a typical roadie frame from that era but is only chromolly, not something exotic. She's supposed to be my daily commuter but, of course, once the Hillbrick hit the scene, riding rights became a bit of a cat fight. Typically, I ride her when it's raining (full mudguards fitted in winter) or when I'm tired/lazy (all them gears to get me up Flagstaff or Expressway Hill).

Hillbrick - custom made for me by Paul Hillbrick - took delivery in Feb 2011. She uses Colombus Zona steel, fully lugged of course, and Miche components. Fixed gear and designed as such with horizontal dropouts and no toe overlap. Originally conceived as a toy, it became obvious during the design process that I'd want to ride her all the time so I had Paul fit mounts for a carrier - as it happens, even when not commuting, it's rare she doesn't have a pannier or trunk bag on the back.
She was essentially my only ride through 2011, commuting most days and weekend rides. This year, I've mixed the use up with her and the Europa.

Road Chief - ahh, the horrible/loveable old Road Chief. I bought her off ebay for $20 and she came with the heaviest, cheapest, nastiest components I've ever seen (pressed muck metal brake calipers that weren't even cleaned up for example). Surprisingly, once I took all the junk off here, a nice light frame emerged. Very relaxed geometry of course. She's been a track bike, a polo bike, various types of shopping bike - she's had more style changes than a supermodel. Currently, she's wearing some lovely Ambrosio wheels, FSA crank, Dawes alloy bars and stem, Avocet saddle, a lovely lightweight aluminium carrier from the eighties and is single speed. Next week ...

Polo bike - my polo bike is a Reynolds 500 lugged track frame with a pair of cheap road forks fitted, Alexrims G6000 wheels, 32mm tyres, stupidly short flat bars with both brake levers on the left hand side (so I can wave the mallet with my right), a wheel disc on the front (so I don't stick the mallet through my spokes), Sugino mtb cranks with only the small chainring fitted (probably a 30 tooth) and a 22 tooth fixed rear cog. Brakes front and rear. Chips, scrapes, bloodstains and bits of flesh from my inept though enthusiastic efforts on the polo court.

Dog trailer - and seeing we're talking steel frames, I bought a steel framed kiddie trailer for the dog (it was cheap). I didn't like the steel rims and was feeling bored one day so I bought some cheap alloy rims and laced them onto the crappy hubs. The dog loves it ... and only tries to escape most rides now.

And that's it ... because I sold my Trek520 and the Dawes lady's bike (Reynolds 500) will be repaired and sold sometime ... when I get to it ....

All my rides are steel because that's the way I prefer it and it fits my needs, but I'm not insanely wedded to it (I just pretend I am to annoy people). I can see a place for a lightweight racer one day, but only as a toy.

Future plans. The Europa won't last forever, despite current indications, so one day, when I'm feeling rich, I'll custom build a geared stable mate for the Hillbrick. I'd love a Llewellyn but would happily have another Hillbrick - Paul does good work, and it'll be steel.

@ Richard...I had a Europa too...had a couple of paint jobs...tange frame...first real 'fast' bike, before clipless

Now have a Reynolds 853 Gipiemme Sonic...re-painted this late last year and updated a couple of crusty bits, new wheels, new pedals...fab...I love it

Also have a Columbus tubed Aluminium Kennedy, by the masters games champ and bike-fit expert, though it wasn't custom built for me. Has Ritchey bits and Ultegra 9s.

Dawes Super Galaxy,  Reynolds 531 double-butted.  Bought in Oxford around 1983.

Hillman racing bike, Reynolds 531 double-butted. Custom ordered from Hillman in Melbourne around 1986.

First one is a touring bike which I use as a commuter every day.  Haven't ridden the second for quite awhile it got replaced with carbon ...



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