I offer this to anyone for whom checking the morning rain forecast is an important part of the day:


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A favorite of mine is the Brisbane Storm Chasers resource:


Does a pretty good job of showing where and when it might rain in the next few days.
Wednesday (22 Aug) evening for example:

PS: Still amazed I cycled home last Friday evening mostly dry!

I just need to know: carry a raincoat or not.

I've got a clip on rear mud-guard .. I need to know whether to or not!
My emergency rain-coat is a pretty small piece of kit ;-)

The most intriguing part of that explanation for me is that the interpretation of "Possible rainfall 2 to 20 mm" is that there is a 75% chance that the total amount of rain actually received is outside of that range. No wonder we grumble that the forecasts are not accurate.

Often when I'm bored I have the weather radar open on one of the tabs. It's fascinating to see strings of rain clouds dump on a narrow path of country and leave adjacent country less than 20km away completely dry. Then the Mt Lofty Ranges can squeeze considerable falls out of plain damp air, radically changing the cloud patterns as they are uplifted. Even the difference in rain between say North Haven and the CBD is often considerable.

My ride to work takes me over the "lump" that stretches from North Adelaide  roughly along Prospect Rd. I approach through Broadview and cycle down in, I think, Blair Athol - very common to get a bit of orographic uplift induced precipitation along that line. One time after a storm had swept through the number of tree limbs down there was really distinct.

That would be the Para Fault Line.

Thanks for that link :-)

Scott, I did not know how to interpret the rain forecast until I saw the ABC article. Then I searched the BOM site and if any explanation, not easy to find. Would also help BOM reputation if they had a quick link on the forecast page.

I like to the https://australia.metservice.com/towns-cities/sa/adelaide web page. Shows a 10 day forecast, lots of other useful info like how many layers of clothes to wear, when during the day the rain is expected and how much.


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