As we know Rule 247 (1) says 

The rider of a bicycle riding on a length of road with a bicycle lane designed for bicycles travelling in the same direction as the rider must ride in the bicycle lane unless it is impracticable to do 

But what does "in" mean ? Is it enough to have my wheels on the RH line ? Or does the whole bicycle, panniers etc need to be inside the line.

My guess is I'm a vehicle and I would expect in means the vehicle is in.  That's what I'd expect to apply to cars and trucks.

I'm thinking of that door zone / bike lane going west past Bunnings in Kent Town. I'm not likely to change my current behaviour of sitting my wheel just inside the white line so I'm far enough away from the doors. Just handy to know what the law says in case I need to try the "impracticable" defence.  As in "I thought it was impracticable to be dead your Honour". 


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You could try this defence.
“Keep to the left and ride at least one metre clear of the kerb and parked cars.”
From ‘cyclist road rules and safety’ posted by the Govt of SA at

Yes I just measured my Corolla to remind myself and 1m would be the bare minimum clearance. 

Yep, I also cycle pretty much right on the right-hand white line.
As far as I am concerned the majority of "bike-lanes" are "no-cycle-lanes" aka "get doored lanes".

I remember on this same forum someone getting hassled by a police officer until the cyclist invited them to park their car and open the door into the bike-lane. The cop got it immediately.

Ah very nice.  Reasonable and clear explanation !  Any idea how wide that bike lane is ? I guess I could take a tape measure next time I go down there.  I'm figuring 1m for the door and my total bike width is 0.5 m.  So my wheel needs to be 1.25m from the car to avoid hitting an open door.  Actually the width of the bike lane isn't the whole story as often parked cars down that road are encroaching in the bike lane anyway.

Sorry, I'd be somewhat pressed (I'm sure) to find that post!

For myself, I would simply use the bike-lane down the top end of The Parade, general Kensington Park area as example.

Yes, that is exactly what I think! When the bike lane is in the door zone of parked cars, I take the space marked within it as exactly the space one shouldn't ride in. I usually ride right on the right-hand white line, as others have said.

I was inspired to think about this by watching this

About 1.50 for the close pass.

Makes me think of the motor cyclists who ride at speed around blind corners on Gorge Rd, their wheels are inside the white line but their heads are in line with the 4WD coming the other way.

Rule 146: "A driver on a multi-lane road must drive so the driver's vehicle is completely in a
marked lane ..."

In the case of a bicycle lane, I think "completely in" would mean that the entire bicycle, including the handlebars, are to the left of an imaginary plane coming up vertically from the white line.

However as you point out, we only must ride in the bicycle lane if it is "practicable", and I agree that it is not "practicable" to ride in the door zone.

Ah well spotted. Thanks.  That's pretty clear.  So I guess give a metre from the parked cars in the interests of practicality and just hope you don't meet that delightful couple in the youtube video.  


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