WHAT DO OBAMA & GW HAVE IN COMMON? >>> Gawler Wheelers Group Ride Report: Saturday February 28th 2014



Number of GW Riders today : 46



One the road lawn again

Our last 3 GW rides have been cancelled due to the hot weather. So it was a big HAPPY DANCE this morning as Gawler Wheelers got on the road again! Everyone kept saying “it has been way too long”.

The weather was still quite warm and humid. However, today we rode two of our easier and shorter routes and we arrived back to home base well before the conditions became unbearable. Those who rode with us today will tell you more over the next few days about what it was like to be out on the road again with GW.

NEXT WEEK: Our penultimate ride before our 4th anniversary ride. We will be heading into the HILLs. Ride details will be posted on AC Events and YOU are very welcome to attend.

All the best to the GW Members racing at Angle Vale tomorrow. We look forward to reading your race report (with pics!).

It was just so superb to see so many GW Members back on the road again today. We have MISSED YOU!

Even President Obama was excited and recorded this tune just for for the Gawler Wheelers! Please enjoy:





7.10am: Getting ready for the ride brief

Colin who were you talking to at 7.15am. Phone sex???

Terry, is that a new STAR CYCLES jersey??

Newbie Audra (R).............. with Tash

D-shackle, Tony and Ramsay at Lyndoch

Guess who this is at Lyndoch this morning???

Gawler Wheelers Saturday Serenity. Priceless.

Ramsay (R)…”Tony you are busting my b*lls

Stephen what happened to the beard? Mid life crisis?

Andrea, Karen and Linda. So HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!

Sprint into Lyndoch. Who won the sprint guys?

Others just cruising along

Tony, Ramsay & Juz…loving being back on the GW road again

Fooling around at Williamstown. GW FUN

Williamstown regroup stop

Hmmm..WTF!.............. is that a typo?

Warren Reservoir regroup

Karen….”soooo good to be on the road with you again GW”


When we arrived back to home base the wine and beer started to flow! It was not long before the discussion turned to music. Bob Dylan in particular...wonderful conversation.

One of our Members said that "She Belongs To Me" is the best ever Dylan song. Your view please? As we close out the Ride Report here is a cover version just for Peter.

Please enjoy:


"She Belongs To Me" - Bob Dylan Cover


Gawler Wheelers is all about comradeship, fun, fitness and chasing our dreams. Join the GW group on AC. Come on our rides. Until next week >> Cheers for now...Frank.

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013



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It was the first race any of us had been in Frank. We were pretty casual about the whole affair, Gareth had asked if anyone was interested via FB the Wed before the race and Peter learnt about it at Farinas on Sat.

We entered as the Wheelers.

While waiting at the start line positions were picked and strategies planned which were talk to each other and try to sit on a speed that suited us all. Very strategic haha

When we set off Peter couldn’t get his foot clipped in for quite awhile I was at the back and madly turning on my cameras, rear light the all important Strava and then buckling my helmet which I had failed to do. Gareth was marvelling at how well he had fine tuned his bike for the race day . Colin was charging ahead out front the adrenaline kicking in with Craig in tow.

The first corner taken well and were sitting around the 40kmh mark riders dropping to the right each taking their turn. Second corner coming up and Gareth is dropped the shout goes out and we slow, Gareth hooks on we are off soon enough back up to speed.

Turn onto Baker Rd we knew it was coming SMACK head wind, Peter’s turn out front again I yell to him “short stints when were into the wind don’t burn out” we all follow suit, Gareth dropping straight off the front still trying to find his form. The third corner is a faster one onto Angle Vale Rd, the marshals are out holding traffic back, I’m out front,round we go we separate to much the tempo slows for a number of seconds the shout comes from behind “right were on” the legs start to work harder, again the side head winds are making us work, can’t use the whole road here to protect each other, single file safer.

Second lap were more comfortable now, Colin and Craig start staying out front a little longer. No need to ask them as they know they are the stronger riders. (The aim in Sportiff is to get us all along the finish line together.) Words of encouragement are shouted to each other as we each drop off the front.The wind is picking up each lap but our speeds are consistent with the first.

Third lap our GW cheer squad is the loudest and it’s a buzz to the senses. The wind is at our backs on this only stretch and we enjoy the extra turn in speed.
I can see Peter tiring but pushing hard up front, I’m thinking “I’m where he is” the pace is good  40kmh, Gareth is getting stronger and spending a bit more time out front now. Craig and Colin doing so well.
Four km’s to go the head wind is relentless our average has just dropped down from 35kmh to just over 34kmh my legs are not sore but I can feel the energy running out of them. I feel I’m about to drop off, I yell “ stay on 32 for awhile then we gradually creep up to 33kms.  My turn out front and it’s my turn to drop straight off the front, no point slowing us down anymore. My team mates shouting words of encouragement to me as I drop back.
We take our last turn, the finish line just ahead we accelerate, cross the line with our cheer squad ringing in our ears.

It was great to get out with the Gawler Wheelers on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

I rode the shorter route as I had the racing the following morning. I rode quite a lot of the ride with Andrea who rode really well. Good job Andrea!

Well done to Karen on achieving her first hills ride with the Gawler Wheelers.

As for Sunday it was a really fun morning. I did tell Fred he wasn't allowed to overtake my team but he seemed to quickly forget that rule.

Well done boys on your first sportiff!

A big thanks also to the cheer squad, it was great riding past you and hearing all the shouts of encouragement.

Great recall of our first sportif freddy. It was a great morning. Might even look at doing another one :)
Did you do a vid Fred?

Ps Tash don't totlly blame Fred. He forgot to tell the rest of the team that rule.

On the phone to Doug who checked in from Tassie to make sure we were riding! Love this ride and the climb to the Warren. Great group and safe riding.

You summed it up Fred...so much fun...well afterwards.....might even try it again. Will bring the 'rock' down next Saturday.

Looking forward to Checkers this week......first time!

Really enjoyed being back riding with the Wheelers.  my ride started well and then fell apart, need to pace myself a bit better and ride in a bunch.   

Looks like the boys ride last Sunday was hard but fun - glad you enjoyed it.

lookign forward to tomorrow's Moderate (but proud) 'effort'.


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