WHAT DO OBAMA & GW HAVE IN COMMON? >>> Gawler Wheelers Group Ride Report: Saturday February 28th 2014



Number of GW Riders today : 46



One the road lawn again

Our last 3 GW rides have been cancelled due to the hot weather. So it was a big HAPPY DANCE this morning as Gawler Wheelers got on the road again! Everyone kept saying “it has been way too long”.

The weather was still quite warm and humid. However, today we rode two of our easier and shorter routes and we arrived back to home base well before the conditions became unbearable. Those who rode with us today will tell you more over the next few days about what it was like to be out on the road again with GW.

NEXT WEEK: Our penultimate ride before our 4th anniversary ride. We will be heading into the HILLs. Ride details will be posted on AC Events and YOU are very welcome to attend.

All the best to the GW Members racing at Angle Vale tomorrow. We look forward to reading your race report (with pics!).

It was just so superb to see so many GW Members back on the road again today. We have MISSED YOU!

Even President Obama was excited and recorded this tune just for for the Gawler Wheelers! Please enjoy:





7.10am: Getting ready for the ride brief

Colin who were you talking to at 7.15am. Phone sex???

Terry, is that a new STAR CYCLES jersey??

Newbie Audra (R).............. with Tash

D-shackle, Tony and Ramsay at Lyndoch

Guess who this is at Lyndoch this morning???

Gawler Wheelers Saturday Serenity. Priceless.

Ramsay (R)…”Tony you are busting my b*lls

Stephen what happened to the beard? Mid life crisis?

Andrea, Karen and Linda. So HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!

Sprint into Lyndoch. Who won the sprint guys?

Others just cruising along

Tony, Ramsay & Juz…loving being back on the GW road again

Fooling around at Williamstown. GW FUN

Williamstown regroup stop

Hmmm..WTF!.............. is that a typo?

Warren Reservoir regroup

Karen….”soooo good to be on the road with you again GW”


When we arrived back to home base the wine and beer started to flow! It was not long before the discussion turned to music. Bob Dylan in particular...wonderful conversation.

One of our Members said that "She Belongs To Me" is the best ever Dylan song. Your view please? As we close out the Ride Report here is a cover version just for Peter.

Please enjoy:


"She Belongs To Me" - Bob Dylan Cover


Gawler Wheelers is all about comradeship, fun, fitness and chasing our dreams. Join the GW group on AC. Come on our rides. Until next week >> Cheers for now...Frank.

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013



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4 weeks waiting for a GW ride then the days before the whole family pick up a gastro bug. Three kids and four adults out for the count. Next week


Oh no Keith!

I saw your RSVP and thought you were were riding today...so I tried to string the start out!!

See you next week hopefully???

Here is a blast-from-the-past just for you Keith. Can you remember when this was taken??


Keith and Juz....vintage GW photo


It looks a lot colder in the photo than today!
Don't remember the date, but do remember it was a very cold morning with Jus shivering terribly. Good excuse for a hug.

Close Juz. It was our 24/3/2012 ride. The first of our Tri-Rides through the hills and it was wet.

Here is what Keith said after the ride

Another pic with Keith on that ride

...and Juz you got drenched on the ride.

Sure its NOT berries ?

Out with my camera this morning - on m way to the Barossa Farmers' Market - it was a lovely morning to be out this morning before the temperature started to climb.

Frank has already shared a few of my photos from this morning, and here are a few more (including the one I sent him that he didn't include :-))...

Many thanks Leanne.

Always love seeing you out there and really appreciate your excelent photos.





As we draw closer to our GW 4th Anniversary we continue with our GW Member Profile series.


We kick of this week with a Q & A featuring Andrea W:


 GW: Hi Andrea. How long have you been riding a bike

Andrea: Hi Frank. What a great idea to highlight members profiles. We do this in our horse clubs and it just gives you an insight to the different types of people who ride and their reasons. I have been riding seriously for 18 months now. Previous to that I had only ridden a couple of times a year on a mountain bike.

GW: What do you like best about getting on your bike Andrea?

Andrea: The best part about getting on my bike is meeting like minded people and building friendships.

GW: When did you join GW and why did you join

Andrea: I joined GW on October 5th 2013. I joined to challenge myself and keep fit.

GW: Andrea, do you have any other interests outside of cycling

Andrea: My other interests include photography, horse riding and sewing.

GW: What has the GW experience meant to you

Andrea: The GW experience has given me the drive to be a better cyclist. It has also given me friendships that I will cherish forever. I look forward to Saturday's as I know I am going to be with people who not only inspire me and make me laugh but pick me up when I doubt myself.

GW: Tell us one or two things  Andrea that GW Memebers might not know about you

Andrea: Some things people may not know about me are: I ride a beautiful black Honda VT cruiser with pink tiger graphics. I have taken a couple of my horses to win All Round Quarter Horse of South Australia. My horses now take a back seat as I enjoy riding my bike more.

Joining the Gawler Wheelers was the best move I have made as I now look forward to each week when I can get on my bike and just ride and no I am in good company


GW: Finally Andrea, who is your favourite musical artist/band or what is your favourite song?

I have always enjoyed all types of music.  When I was in my teens I was into Fleetwood Mac and Creedence Clearwater Revival. A couple of my favourites songs were Songbird and Looking Out My Back Door.  I used to play the guitar with one of my brothers and I always remember our camping trips where we all got together and just jammed around the campfire.  AAAHHH  those were the days.  My brother has since passed away and I don't play the guitar any more. (still have it though)   I really like some of today's artists, Pink and Ed Sheeran being 2 of my favourites but you will catch me singing to anything.


GW: Thank you Andrea. It has been wonderful chatting with you.

We know that you have been through some tough times, health-wise in recent years. You have have added sooo much to GW and YOUare a wonderful inspiration to us all. Thank you for riding with us, and for your friendship.


PS Andrea...couple of things just for you below:

Andrea on her first Gawler Wheelers ride on 5/10/2013...prior to the start


Andrea on the road on her first GW ride 5/10/2013


..and a couple of comments from Andrea after her first GW ride


One of Andrea's favourite songs


Creedence Clearwater Revival - " Lookin' Out My Back Door "

Thank you Andrea from GW xxx






Well, it was good to finally get a GW ride in.

I have been going on a few rides with others who attend GW in the days that the "official" GW rides have been cancelled.  We were leaving early to avoid the heat, which was great.

It was good to see everyone today.  Had fun, although I did feel a bit "average" for some reason and decided to do the shorter option....

Yes it was good to be back Lee!!!!!!!!

Don't worry I struggled on that first leg too!


Thanks Frank. I remember that first ride very well as it was sooooo windy and for me it was a ver hard ride in which I very nearly gave up. I have since ridden that route a number of times and realize just how far I have come. I have formed some very special relationships with some beautiful people and this is because I took that first step to join the Gawler Wheelers.


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