What are some ways people try to avoid cramps during rides?

Hey Guys and Gals!

I often ride to school which can sometimes be a pretty long stretch and I just figured I would ask on what some people do to best combat this! I've just provided a video below which I thought was fairly helpful but I would definitely love to see some responses based on personal experience!

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Magnesium salt tablets for me if I plan on doing a harder ride.

Good video - thanks for posting. I had a bout of cramp the other day. But it was after my ride not during. Very painful. I drank some water and it slowly went away. It was a fairly hot day after a week of mild weather - can only assume I wasn't acclimatised to the heat which the video does mention can cause cramp.

Electrolytes - replace them during the ride... Add good electrolyte powder to water bottles - not just sodium but also Magnesium... Hydralyte Sport if you have to buy from a shop - the Sport is a stronger formulation than just Hydralyte. Gatorades and such can be full of sugar and artificial stuff (colours, flavours)


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