As the title says, it was an awesome morning to be on the bike. Took advantage of a half day off and went for a ride myself. 

I went from the city up to the top of the Parade, across from there to Morialta and from there back down and across to Coach House Drive. Took that to woodlands way and headed back down to Penfold Road and took that to the top and back down to the Parade and back into the city. It ended up being a nice loop of varying difficulty. I am not sure what woodlands Way is like but Coach House and Penfold Roads seem pretty steep.

Did anyone else manage to take advantage of the weather this morning? If so where did you go??

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Woodlands sting the legs -just goes up and then it goes further up. Try it next time.....
Yeah I will heading that way up Norton next time around.
Awesome effort Jim, whilst I don't know you, it is good to see that you are on the bike again

Great to hear that you're back on the bike where you belong, Jim!

And I bet it's on days like this that you wish you could ride full time for a living!
I did a recce ride for the Up the NEXY ride. Due to a road closure and not being too sure of how to get around it I ended riding to Gawler through Davoren Park etc and coming back down the NEXY. I really nice day though, ended up doing 103km
BEWARE OF DAVOREN PARK im working in andrews farm and went for lunch yesterday and within a minute,phone and wallet gorn!lady asked if i was alone and said two kids just took gear out of the ute.Guess what i caught them and their very sore today

Have to say some of those new roads are crap as far as planning goes. Nearly collected by bus as it overtook me on a roundabout entry in the Lakeview project, or should that be puddle view. And yes I know I should have taken my lane and I know the bus driver was at fault but I choose to blame the bloody planners today.

Second part of this text is not intended for you Vujos.

The same goes for O'Sullivan's Beach! I went for a ride last night after work and while passing a group of teenagers at a bus stop at approximately 30 - 35km/hr, one decided to suddenly throw his backpack out on the road right in front of me!


I was able to swerve around it, but then did a U turn and went back and berated the little bastard with some language that would make my mother blush!


Glad to hear that you got your stuff back, Vujos!

shits like that deserved to be squirted with "cat piss" from your bidon :)
Why bugger up the Bidon just fill up a water bomb with used kitty litter and cat piss.
Nice :-)


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