For those waiting all winter, this commuter route is now open.  and finally includes a path on the western side to avoid riding through the sporting grounds and spectators.

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Thanks for letting us know. I might give it a try. I usually follow the West Terrace bikeway, and this is longer, but there are fewer traffic lights. 

Time wise I would bet they are both on par.

west terrace has 2 long wait stop lights

the cemetery way is longer but only one road crossover. no waiting and very quiet. (esp cemetery)

3 stop lights if you count the cemetery entrance. That's the one which bothers me the most, because 99% of people ride through. So I've got the unenviable choice between riding through and risking a fine, or stopping and potentially being a hazard to the other cyclists coming through.

I tried it the last 2 days. It's not so much that it's longer, but it's more up and down: from West Terrace / Port Road down to the train line, and up again. Whereas just following West Terrace is nice and flat.

So sticking to West Terrace bikeway is definitely an easier ride, but it was fun to mix it up. It was also nice to get all the way from Port Road, to the South Road/Cross Road intersection, without a single traffic light!

That path before being paved was full of three-corner-jacks (aka caltrop/bindi) - wonder if they will sprout up on the sides.

Hopefully ACC is keeping up with weed management! I'll be taking a group ride through there on Sunday.

9 riders and no flat tyres, so far so good!

I tried that run this morning. Very nice and peaceful. Thanks for the heads up. Is there anyway of getting through or past the cemetery to get to Anzac Hwy? Or is it a case of go up to West Tce and ride around the front?

The shared path goes right through the cemetery, just follow the red bitumen and you'll get there. I believe the gates close at sunset.

Yeah it's a great path, just watch out for SACA spraying industrial quantities of chemicals on the ovals using tractors as I got a couple of lungfuls of whatever they were spraying the other morning. I followed it up with a request to them for more signage when they do spray, (it was windy too). 


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