I'm planning a ride to Robe and just wanted to double check a couple of things.

Does anyone know whether it is ok to use the Wellington ferry as a cyclist? It wouldn't surprise me if the answer was no because of 'safety' concerns, so wanted to double check.

Also Google maps suggests using the Murray river/Lake Alexandria barrages as a means to cross over to the Coorong - anyone like to comment whether this is actually possible? Google helpfully puts in a ! to suggest not..

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Admittedly it was 5 years ago, but crossed on that same ferry on the bike without a problem. There is a dedicated space for pedestrians and cyclists.

Ferry was totally fine with us crossing on our bikes in February. Where is Google Maps saying you cross the Coorong? We didn't need to cross anything other than the Wellington ferry, and you'll be doing the same as us but in reverse.


Not sure if that link will work. But Google maps cycling route from Brighton to Robe - this comes as Option 1

Yup, that's what I did. Certainly no crossing water required between the Wellington ferry and Robe. Google Maps does seem to think the Princes Hwy is briefly submerged just North of Meningie for some strange reason though.  

Wellington Ferry is all good,  anyone can use that although the ride from Langhorn Ck to Wellington is average.

From Hindmarsh island: From my understading,  Mundoo island is private property and you cant cross the barrages there unless you have permission from Mundoo Station (may even need an escort from Mundoo Station?)


Once onto Tauwicherie i recon you'd be ok, then onto Meningie.

I suspect the barrages remain off limits to the general public because of the limited safety railing to prevent you being blown off in the frequent high winds down that way. I tried to get permission many years ago with the help of local residents but it was no go.

Ferries across the Murray are perfectly fine for pedestrians and bikes, done it plenty of times.


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