Dropped into the refurbished BP OTR store on the corner of Brighton Rd and Sturt Rd, Brighton tonight. Was please with a number of innovations I hadn't seen in a service station before. They have installed an outside bike repair station with multiple tools, bike pump and bike mount. They have a couple of bike racks, something I have never seen at a service station. Inside is a rack with spare tyres, tubes, lights, energy bars etc etc. Handy to have as they are open 24 hours a day. Along with a Subway + lots of FRESH products in their range makes it a good little stop for cyclists to refuel.

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I suppose people are still trying to find the old Bicycle Express store once located there. Neat way to solve that problem!

Do you have the GPS coordinates?
Is a public toilet nearby?
Can buy cool drinks and coffee. 
I am collating info of bike service stations, for a future AC map (like magpie map).
For raw data, see https://adelaidecyclists.com/forum/topics/bike-repair-service-stations

Wonder if another business will show similar initiative, e.g. at Henley Square.

The Barossa Cycle Hub, adjacent to Barossa Visitor Centre, 70 Murray Street, Tanunda, includes a vending machine. Accessories are serviced by Evan’s Cycle Shed (bidons / bottles, energy gels, energy sports bars, puncture repair kits, tubes of various sizes). http://www.barossa.sa.gov.au/sections/our-region/barossa-by-bike/ba...

Those little packs of Dine would be great on a long ride.  Easily digested and all the fish oil builds up the joints.  

Seriously this is a great idea.  I assume it will spread out to the other OTR's.  The bike tool stands like this at the University of Adelaide all ended up being trashed with the tools cut off and the pumps destroyed.  These guys will have someone there 24/7 I assume which should prevent that.

Great idea - let's hope OTR brings this right across all their stores.

I looked on their website and they aren't advertising it yet.  However with that flash logo and signage in the picture you would imagine they are planning more than one.   Maybe they will have a  change of name to  "On The Ride" ? 

I noticed a new BP being build at Goolwa last weekend. Wondering if it is an OTR. Considering there is a Caltex and another BP just 400 mitres away perhaps they are thinking petrol sales will boom with all the retirees in the area.

There's also one of these at the OTR at the Glen Osmond/Portrush/Cross/Mt Barker rds intersection.

This is fantastic. I've often stopped at a service station to pick up something whilst on my bike, and am always dismayed that there is literally nowhere to secure my bike. It's a convenience store these days, not just for cars!

Progress coming to SA! http://www.copenhagenize.com/2011/09/bicycle-care-station-by-statoi... 

Wonder how much other inspiration could be gleaned from overseas

It'd be great if this became standard. You might be able to only carry one tube, or even go without if you are staying near a station on a ride. As long as you don't mind a short walk if you rarely flat


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