In the past there has been a bit of discussion about level crossings. This is why you should stop - then again maybe she was an iZombie. And then to cap it off some guy carelessly rides across just asking to be visited by the angel of death - or is that the patron saint of oatmeal sucking?

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Crazy! Haven't these people see one of the world's most watched safety campaigns?

Dumb ways to die

Imagine the comments on AdelaideNow...

If you wanted to look on the positive side, bike riders have an unimpeded view of their environment. that (stupid) cyclist saw the train at the very last second but was still able to stop in time, if that was a car the bonnet would have already been over the tracks and the driver dead.

I'm not sure how much more idiotproof train crossings could get, the problem is they keep inventing new and improved idiots.

yes never a good idea to play chicken with a train.I nearly got caught out near port elliot due to forgetting about the tourist train i was only just over tracks when i heard train go past behind me so dont presume a track is not in use

Silly me I thought

You can't make things fool proof because fools are so ingenious.

here's an incident a little closer to home.  happened yesterday.

not sure if there is lights or boom gates at that intersection, but the kid got lucky.  hope a lesson is learned.

There are boom gates there.

Not sure I would swing around behind a tram like this either - always a risk there is a tram going the other way:

do you have a bike video for every occasion?

I hope not.  I am amazed sometimes, however, how things happen that fit into current topics.  This footage was recorded on 3/10/13 on the way to work.  I saw both this thread and the original footage on twitter on the same day.  I uploaded the video as a response the next day.

Most of us probably have an anecdote for most occasions, I just happen to film mine.

it is not only cyclets  

I saw a vid on FB today   had a B-Double truck wanting to turn left,  a smaller truck moved down the left hand side and as the truck turned the corner the last trailer clipped the smaller truck... 

Common sense  so rare it is a super power..  

sheeit that was close, I used to live a couple of miles from that level crossing, never saw any close calls like that thank god. Looks like the poor girl herself a right fright. She's probs a cambridge uni student in a world of her own.


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