Just heard from my mate who was out this morning for his regular bunch ride up norton. Turns out that some other members of the group encountered a roo on the way down after an earlier climb up norton. Apparently it was somewhere near the (old) pony club.  The guy on the front hit it square on and somehow stayed upright, but the guy on his wheel was't so lucky and went flying.  He was pretty shaken up and taken to hospital but reports are of no major injuries just cuts and bruises. The roo had its leg broken and was put down by the cops who arrived a little bit later.  This is all 3rd hand info so may not be 100% right, but the moral is take care out there!

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I've seen koalas on the road near that location - you'd want to avoid those as well!

Well I wasn't there, but I am guessing he was probably 5-10 metres behind, not right on his wheel, but when you are doing 50+ it happens pretty quickly. Thanks for your concern though.

how high can one really bunny-hop? :-/

This is true.


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