Watch out for Burgundy Nissan Patrol Old Norton Summit

Just thought I'd let people know about a very dangerous encounter this morning coming down Old Norton Summit Road at about 6.45am in the wet.

Just after the tight left hander (the one above the hair pin right), I noticed a car behind me approaching fairly quickly.  I pulled over to the left a bit but didn't think he'd pass given the double white line, but he blasted his horn and crossed the double white line, then almost forced me into the embankment on the left as he cut back in. Couldn't have been more than 5cm from my right shoulder.  I tried to shout out to warn the 4 guys in front of me but they couldn't hear. I watched from behind as he then did the same thing to them that he did to me and very nearly caused all of them to crash.  One of our group got his number plate and will report to the police.

We were not holding him up, we were riding single file down the hill which is quite a fast descent. This car came up behind us very quickly, its not like he was sitting behind us for ages trying to pass.  It was by far the most dangerous thing I have seen a car do deliberately.

So keep your eyes out for a burgundy/silver two tone Nissan Patrol, boxy shape, maybe 80s or 90s model.

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I'm not clear why the presence of a car behind you should prompt you to 'pull over to the left', especially when going downhill. Roundabouts, pinch points and twisty downhills all require a full lane to negotiate. Traffic behind is not your problem, only the road ahead. If traffic behind wants to pass, it is their responsibility to pass safely. You shouldn't invite them to pass by pulling over to the left.

Gee thanks for the safety tips, but when there's a 4 wheel drive screaming up behind me with its horn blaring my first instinct is to get the f$ck out the way rather than suggest he might wait for a safer location to pass.  It's clear safety wasn't his first priority.

I presume you would've been travelling at the speed limit in that section too

It was wet and raining and I had just come around a sharp left so had slowed down a bit was probably doing 40ish.  The scary thing was how fast he approached and how he didn't think twice before overtaking across double white lines, not once but 4 times, and each time aggressively cutting back in front of the rider very nearly making contact.

Prefer not to argue with a deranged driver thanks. Wonder what the driver MIGHT do if a cyclist doesnt get to the left if possible.Prefer NOT to push the issue regardless only because I know who will come off second best . I thought when on the roads the road ruling is stick to the left as much as possible even when driving a vehicle ?

I've always been of the opinion that despite what rights I may have, they'll do me little good while lying in hospital.

Yes indeed. Out on the bike I've always used the "what would I prefer to have on my tombstone" philosophy. Something like "Well he died young and his family have to now fend for themselves, but at least he had right of way!!" Or "Here lies . . . aged 90 years, loving father to  .. . . . loving grandfather to . . . "

In this case it might have been something like "well he died but at least he was doing a bloody good job of taking his lane and standing up for his rights".

For me, out on the road, whichever method is going to keep me safe and get me home to my kids works best.

Yes but I think the initial comment suggested it might have been more unsafe by shifting too the left. You suggest the driver still buzzed by too close, I doubt it would have been any further or closer had you not shifted left initially and taken the lane instead. So if the passing space is exactly the same, would you rather be as hard left as possible with nowhere to go or have a large shoulder of road to swerve if required?

I'm not talking about riding in the middle of the road, not even the middle of the lane, just giving a good safety buffer to the left and not letting this be compromised until it is required for an emergency maneuver. This buffer reduces when the road straightens but it is always there. Surely this is a fair reading of "as close to left as practical"?

It's worth noting the OP mentions he pulled further left before the horn was blasted. Hence it was only a response to a car approaching from behind. If this happens to me, yes I pull closer to the left but with the buffer I speak about.

I wasn't making an argument for either, just explaining my interpretation of D-shackle's comment differ from the immediate response. It's hardly keyboard warrior mode, it's expressing an approach I practice on a daily basis and more than happy to debate in an open forum.

I thought you explained yourself really clearly and think your comment shows amazing "common sense" Rob.

practice the same safety technique as you Rob.......makes sense to me

What is the best time to ride old norton hunting for rednecks?

I want to make some more viral videos for youtube.

Ive just been cycling in Thailand since April and feeling quite road rage deficient. 


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