Watch out for Burgundy Nissan Patrol Old Norton Summit

Just thought I'd let people know about a very dangerous encounter this morning coming down Old Norton Summit Road at about 6.45am in the wet.

Just after the tight left hander (the one above the hair pin right), I noticed a car behind me approaching fairly quickly.  I pulled over to the left a bit but didn't think he'd pass given the double white line, but he blasted his horn and crossed the double white line, then almost forced me into the embankment on the left as he cut back in. Couldn't have been more than 5cm from my right shoulder.  I tried to shout out to warn the 4 guys in front of me but they couldn't hear. I watched from behind as he then did the same thing to them that he did to me and very nearly caused all of them to crash.  One of our group got his number plate and will report to the police.

We were not holding him up, we were riding single file down the hill which is quite a fast descent. This car came up behind us very quickly, its not like he was sitting behind us for ages trying to pass.  It was by far the most dangerous thing I have seen a car do deliberately.

So keep your eyes out for a burgundy/silver two tone Nissan Patrol, boxy shape, maybe 80s or 90s model.

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Cheers, I'll add it to the Toyota white van nut bag driver on Norton's as well.

unfortunately this is what you can expect on the old road..

Been riding this regularly for the last 4-5 years and had a couple of dickheads but nothing like this before.

can you post or PM me the number plate?

I can , but can I ask why?

i'd be more inclined to go to the effort to report if i knew someone was targeting cyclists than a once off.

OK will send you number plate. I'd be surprised if it was his first time - he seemed to have an intense dislike for us. Whether he has been reported or not is another question.

The old road down is a great ride as is up .. think I might need to get on it a bit more.

Been riding it for years but not so much of late.

Get yourself a Fly6 rear light/vid camera. I have one, and on two occasions, have taken video files to my local police station here in north west Tasmania, and on both occasions the police acted quickly in identifying and dealing with the driver. One was a commercial vehicle, and they even chastised the company, who have also dealt with the driver.  

You are lucky.  The police don't do anything with reports here....  Doesn't matter if you have footage or witnesses.

Not only did the police act immediately, but in both cases personally returned my USB stick to my front door, and gave me a full report on the action taken ! 

So full of envy right now....


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