Wayville is chaos this week, so be slow and be careful.

-I'm told the bike path along the back (Western) side of the showgrounds is closed for cyclists because of the temporary rail platform. Cyclists have to dismount and walk though.

-Goodwood Road is not too bad if the 25 zones are active, but cabbies are stopping at random and cars are making last minute decisions to turn left and right looking for parks.. And you know how bikes are a 'blind-spot' to Adelaide drivers at the best of times, let alone in show week with an urban assault vehicle full of screaming rug rats.

-The bike paths though the parklands are packed with pushers and erratic uncontrolled children.


I've just had one 'near miss' on Leader Street from a car overtaking me, well they were still next to me actually, and then turning left across my path into the side street. I kept the rubber side down, but my un-taped bars have left their duco with a 20cm souvenir of the meeting. They didn't stop...

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Thanks for the tip. I got my Show experience out of the way yesterday late arvo/ eve.

My tip is the 'comedy duo' who commentate on the main arena are terrible! So UN-funny. A good tip is buy your tickets at the Post Office and save and get the Show bus, or ride, it's pretty easy.

Also, you know, it costs a lot!

I passed an unlit cyclist on my walk tonight - he apologised profusely saying his lights had been stolen from his bike parked outside the showgrounds - beware!

Do you think it is worth reporting that they failed to stop after an accident?


If it was a near miss why is there paint damage?


While the thought of being run off the road and then left for dead by a hit and run driver may be disturbing. Does it potentially fit with the story above?



Worth reporting? Yep.

There are way too many people who 'hit-run' if they think they can get away with it, often when they'd have no idea if they've hurt someone or not.  The car side swiped me. I was about level with their rear wheel when they suddenly turned left. I called it a near miss purely from a selfish standpoint- I missed hitting the road and I missed being injured. I'll visit the police tomorrow morning to fill out the paperwork and pass on the rego. They don't accept phone reports. Will they act? Dunno. I'm doing it so there is another statistic adding to the awareness of bike accidents. I doubt the driver will be prosecuted but if they get a visit or a phone call from the police to warn them about hit-run behaviour that'd be a start.


Yep, police warn that there are a lot more break-ins and theft in surrounding suburbs during the show. Mind you, cyclists aren't all blameless- Last night about 7.00 I saw a cyclist near Goody rd who looked like she was on her way to the show, lit- but without a helmet.

It was a collision and a hit-run at that. Glad you got the rego because a vehicle can be too fast or the cyclist too shaken. Let us know how you go with reporting.

I think near miss is the appropriate terminology here. As in, the car nearly missed him.

While they may not react enthusiastically.


If it is never reported they will never react.


Is the first part of getting some sort of action on hit and run accidents involving cyclists ensuring there are some sort of statistics on it?


After all if the driver doesn’t stop they have don’t know what your injuries are potentially you could have been seriously hurt.


Heaven forbid that they may be expected to at least call an ambulance to help someone they have injured.


I  have  ridden the Western Path to and from Friday and Monday  - here is a tip.

Dismount means completely remove yourself  from the  cycle - do not have a foot on the  pedal at all.


If you do not see   a "Cyclist Dismount"  does not mean that there is not one - I  had an incident where  I rode through (some foot traffic but  nowhere near  where I was) and   a little mman with a uniform (Wilson Security) ran out and  held his hand up for me  to stop.  I managed to bring the bike to a halt just as my fronnt wheel passed between his legs  (I was not  going that fast) and was told to do as the  siign  said and  dismount.  We went back to where he claimed the sign to be an (heaven  forbid)  the  sign  had been moved  by another Wilson Security  guard  so that  it was  not visible - my accoster  did not apologise but  continued that he sees me ride up and down the path all the time (twice per day) and that I know to dismount.


I know there are some DH  cyclists out there  but these guys paint us all with the same  brush - if we paint all Security Guards as Neanderthals with no regard the laws of physics then I am sure they  would get upset.


We can read and obey  signs IF THEY ARE  IN PLACE!!!

I had the same thing happen - except the signs were not really blaitently (cos there was so much other new stuff i was looking out for)

The guy came out and said DISMOUNT -i was like, no, WHY (there was not a soul on the path) and i continued riding slowly till i saw a securtiy guard that i had seen and chatted with on the tram a few nights earlier. I asked her, she said yeah there is a sign, BUT USE YOUR DISCRETION, if there are walkers, walk your bike, if not, just be sensible and go slowly.


So i use her ruling, and roll thru, if there are no walkers; if there are walkers, then i walk.


How many bike-days till the show is over???? >:{

Its a bit silly that one would be required to dismount. Personally, I take up less room cycling at walking pace than walking next to my bike. A sign that said "cyclists 5km/hr" would be better.

I think I can see the point though. I'm sure riding bikes in Rundle Mall is prohibited because not all cyclists using it would be travelling at "walking speed" but riding at a speed that would pose a danger to pedestrians. They need to have a "general rule" to cover everything.

You're probably right. It would be more likely for someone to do 15km/hr in a 5km/hr zone than for someone to do 15km/hr in a no cycling zone.


But there's no way I'm dismounting to travel over a narrow wooden bridge on Linear Park.


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