On Saturday 6-Apr-2019 a cyclist had a near miss with a deer in the Adelaide Hills.
Published by ABC News on 8-Apr-2019
There are now about 10,000 feral deer in SA – the highest number the state has seen, according to the Department of Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA).

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Yep, regular hills riders spot plenty of deer up this way. Kangaroos too and the occasional ambling Echidna.

Nearly got taken out by a goat last time I was up around Fox Creek.

I had 6 of them jumping out on me in front of the wine shanty trail last Wednesday too, just a few meters down from the top of  Sprigg road.

They should all be made to pay rego and wear number plates.  Who do they think paid to build those roads ? 

Michael, :)


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