We encountered the newly installed cycling lane on Port Rd this morning.  Take care its lethal!  Photo and details have been posted at:


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Roger, like your wording of the last long sentence. Do we need blunt semantics before authorities realise the stupidity of their stance? OH&S everywhere, except for vulnerable road users.

I feel pretty confident this will all get sorted out pretty quickly.

However i feel i need to say, if a wobbly kid cyclist hit that thing in the dark without their lights on (as they do), I feel that the cyclist would then fall into the path of the on coming traffic.

That's a lose, lose situation 

Planners who havn't been near a bike since grade 3.

can you ride along the walkway / path next to the fence ?

I live near this it turns out and yeas there is a proper bike path behind the fence. not much use for group ride roadies but kids should not really be on the road along here. The fence breaks at Gaol Rd and has bicycle crossing lights to gain access to the Torrens riding past the Thebarton Barracks and the Old Adelaide Gaol.

All the more reason to 'take the lane' What moron came up this this???

I don't do FB - is that it in Patrick's photo?? Please post photos here on AC.

Thanks for that Patrick, so I assume that if you try to cross it at a slight angle in the wet your front wheel spits out and down you go - not good :-(

Previous thread from Gus...


Everyone is for improvements.... but just goes to show improvements on paper aren't always what they're made out to be...

I was warned about the separator but yet to view it. On 11-Jul-2013 a cyclist emailed me:
Problems I can foresee is that there are no gaps between the markers, they are interlocked like a jigsaw. So when it rains, water will accumulate next to the ridge and aggravate splashing by car tyres. Also, the markers are secured by long screws into the asphalt, so water may be able to leak into the subgrade and accelerate failure of the road.

the link docent lead to any photos.

looks like it would be dangerous for motor bikes as well.

Motorbikes in bicycle lanes . . . never!


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