I spoke to a resident who lives close to the EAST Ave crossing.

He witnessed a police officer give a fine to a cyclist for crossing over East Ave while a train was crossing.

Apparently, even if you are travelling parallel (not crossing over the tracks) you still have to STOP A RED SIGNAL. See below photo.

According to the rules, because the lights are facing Cromer Parade, cyclists must stop when the lights are flashing, wait for the train and then wait for all of the cars to pass before crossing, But not travelling into town.

I can't say I agree with this but just warning others, if there is a cop there waiting proceed within the law.

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I take that route every day.

I can see the reasoning, but surely there is a common sense solution to fix this? Like the lights should only apply if you're turning left?

p.s. Are we also breaking the law even without signals, because the "left turn only sign" doesn't say "bicycles excepted" underneath?

I might need to slightly change my route until they fix this. Which is a pity, because it's a terrific bikeway.

Clearly a 'bicycles excepted" sign needs to be added under the left turn only arrow sign and next to the lights. In the meanwhile look out for pedantic coppers.

Interesting.  Can anybody "in the know" explain if there is a good reason for this arrangement?

I would imagine it would stop people who were turning left and most likely looking right for traffic, continuing around the corner and straight into the boom gate which would be down?

If you got off your bike and traversed the intersection, would you still be penalised?

I will keep my eyes open on my commute and maybe test the walking theory if I am running early for work! haha

This is the Marino Rocks bikeway, not the Mike Turtur bikeway.


I don't believe the Police officer issued that fine according to the law and I would challenge it in court.

Nevertheless, I think we need to ask Colin Maher or someone else from DPTI to fix this.

So is DPTI responsible for signage?

And is DPTI responsible for all bikeways? What about if a shared path comes to a crossing light and there is no "bicycle" signal (so technically cyclists should dismount) - again, is DPTI the place to write?

Possibly it was "failing to stop" ie come to a complete standstill before proceeding. I doubt he got fined for a perpendicular road crossing, more the act of continuing past the stop sign without coming to  complete stop (ie foot down or track stand) first.

agreed, failing to stop on flashing lights would have caught the eyes of the cop.

The extra crossing lights are there to provide extra visibility for the rail crossing for motorists turning left. The marked stop line is on East Ave, not Cromer Pd.

The law is:

121—Stopping and giving way at a stop sign at a level crossing
A driver at a level crossing with a stop sign must—
(a) stop as near as practicable to, but before reaching, the stop line or, if there is
no stop line, as near as practicable to, but before reaching, the stop sign; and
(b) give way to any train or tram on, approaching or entering the crossing.
Offence provision.

Unless there was a stop sign on Cromer Pd (which there isn't) a bicycle rider crossing East Avenue should not need to stop according to the law (provided it is otherwise safe to cross East Avenue).

All the confusion arises as the signage (mistakenly) assumes all traffic is turning left into the rail crossing.

update - I was going on the Google maps version and didn't realise that a white line has been painted on Cromer Pd. Still, the signage is intended for motor vehicles who are being directed onto East Avenue, so...

yeah sorry I should have mentioned that a white line was painted on there.

A solution might be in the new "riding on foot paths" rule...there is a similar scenario in Brisbane where there is a T junction at the bottom of a hill.  The T junction is controlled with a stop sign, the cross street is a dead end for cars to the left and is only used by cyclists to get to a bike path along the river.  Police often try and ping cyclists for failing to stop. If you see the police are there you just go up on to the foot path before the T junction, ride to the left of the stop sign and then down the road to the bike path.  It would appear that the stop sign only applies to when you are on the road not the footpath (we have been riding on the footpaths for years here in Brisvegas and the world has not yet ended!)

This might work for the scenario above, but you would probably need to be on a mountain bike!


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