Does anybody know if Walkerville Terrace is likely to lose its bike lanes with all of the work that is being done there at present?  It's horrible to ride along in the afternoon at present - I'm hoping it's only temporary but fear that it will be permanent.

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Positive. If you check my past discussions, my favoured topic is safety & advocacy which requires much research.

The Messenger article is out - link. Good to see the black spot map mentioned as well. It can be added to by any Adelaide cyclist. You can see it mashed up with NearMap and OSM bike routes as described over at this thread. Select Adelaide at bottom left. You can see the curb extensions sitting in the bike lanes at Walkerville Rd  Walkerville Rd yes - Cycleville Rd no.


This was Walkerville Terrace this morning.  Note how the "bike lane" starts out wide enough, but then the footpath gets wider forcing the parked cars closer and closer to the "bike lane" such that by the intersection they are well within the door zone.  I can't see the small extra width of the footpath being of any great benefit to pedestrians, but it make a big difference to the safety of cyclists

David, I expect that Walkerville Council & traders thought that by having a wider footpath, it would attract more pedestrians / shoppers and the traders' profits would increase. This is the mentality of what is happening in Prospect on Churchill and Prospect Roads. Unfortunately it will be worse on Churchill Road than Walkerville Terrace, because longer stretch of road, higher speeds, a freight route with many trucks, and in some places no space left for cyclists when wide vehicles pass.


You may glean that business comes before cyclists by reading the blog by a Prospect Council employee who did not ID himself at first. I think his arguments are poorly presented. He did a similar thing at Prospect BUG until membership of the group vetoed. Prospect BUG is a group with a web page, rather than an online forum.


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