Does anybody know if Walkerville Terrace is likely to lose its bike lanes with all of the work that is being done there at present?  It's horrible to ride along in the afternoon at present - I'm hoping it's only temporary but fear that it will be permanent.

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When a photo was posted on AC, I wrote to Walkerville Council and encouraged others to. The response from council could have been better. I do not quickly find the council response, but check these links that I found by searching on Walkerville in AC. I suggest that you contact AC cyclist David Bowler. posted 16-Aug-2010 posted on 17-Aug-2010
27 Sep 2010 ... I emailed Walkerville Council re Walkerville Tce and got a reply which raised other cycling hazards. I have posted my second email to the ... posted on 14-Oct-2010 posted 17-Oct-2010
Bernhard on Thursday I checked Walkerville Terrace again on Thursday 2-Dec-2010 around 2.25pm. It currently looks different from what the council told me it would end up, and the plan they emailed me. Refer to my links posted below on 15-Nov-2010. I fear they have changed their minds. The council's email also said that it would put up temporary no parking signs where drivers were parking in the bicycle lane (due to extended footpaths halving parking widths).

On the northern side the bicycle lane signs and painted bicycle icons have been removed. There is a long white lane which once signified a bicycle lane. From numbers 73 to 95 there were 8 parked vehicles, blocking what was once the cycling area. Similarly on the southern side near the RSL hall, where 4 vehicles were parked. On the southern side between the RSL hall and Stephen Terrace, a mix of white line and painted icons, but the bicycle lane signs appear to be gone.

I suggest that those who regularly cycle Walkerville Terrace ask some awkward questions. I live in Prospect and have been busy for 16 months trying to get to ghastly plans for Churchill and Prospect Roads made cyclist-friendly. Am losing, because half of Churchill Road in Prospect 'upgraded' and Prospect Road starts in the new year. For more info, see Prospect BUG. Will anyone help me in stopping this precedent of poor design for cyclist safety on arterial roads? The next arterial road 'upgraded' may be the one near your home.
Hopefully there may be an article in the City North Messenger on this issue this week
There is no cycling story in the City North Messenger dated 8-Dec-2010.
Apparently someone representing the retailers along Websterville Terrace was pushing for the story not to be published. Looks like they may have succeeded.
David, is there any reason why you typed Websterville?
Typo, cut and paste error, autocorrection error or Freudian slip - not sure which :)

I note that they have blacked out the lines along WALKERville terrace today. Lets see what they paint on the road now.

Also the journo who interviewed me, contacted me to say that they are still planning to run the article, so hopefully it will appear next week.
David, the lines were blacked out when I cycled there last night. They had omitted to black out the first bicycle icon NE corner where Walkerville Terrace meets Stephen Terrace.

I posted on 9-Dec-2010 at
Last night noticed cycling hazards in the bicycle lane on northern Robe Terrace, for perhaps a hundred metres before / west Walkerville Terrace. Came across two large mounds of fine dirt / sand in the bicycle lane, perhaps backed up from the downpour. Then there was grit in the bicycle lane until I reached Walkerville Terrace. Have reported this to DTEI.

Infrequently I have seen the cycling hazard that Walkerville Council is adding to Walkerville Terrace. For the first time I saw orange 'candlesticks' in the road centre. With parked vehicles and moving vehicles in front of me, one did not need to be a cyclist to visualise that there would be no safe place left for cyclists.
I noticed on the way home today that they appear to have now cut where the new lines are going to go.

David, the journalist also told me that there will be a cycling story in the Messenger next week. However, it will be about Walkerville Terrace only.

You have gazumped Prospect BUG about what is currently happening on the much longer Churchill Road where there are many trucks and higher traffic speeds. I have been trying since Sep-2009 to get the authorities, with some help from the media, to recognise that there is major problem happening in Prospect. When I saw the Aug-2009 plans, I forecast that there would be no safe space left for cyclists on freight route Churchill Road. Finally proof now when some of the 'upgrading' is done. Trying to get a Road Safety Review before millions spent on Churchill Road, making it less likely that the plans will be modified for cyclist safety. Several times I have done media releases without the Messenger following it up. Finally the Messenger said they were interested after I encouraged Rachel Sanderson, Member for Adelaide, to do a 'grieve' in Parliament. Simultaneously the Messenger were given the Walkverville Terrace story and Prospect cyclists gazumped. The Messenger said space to concentrate on only one cycling story.

It hardly seems fair considering that I tried to help with Walkerville Terrace (refer to earlier discussions on AC forum), helped with Unley Council and Adelaide City, and reported cycling hazards around the Adelaide Greater Metropolitan Area. But cyclists do not try to help Prospect BUG. So I have been left to do 16 months of intense work on my own, and when I desperately need help during the final hours, AC cyclists are not supporting me.

There is much info at Prospect BUG, including several photos which show how Prospect Council and the State Government design cycling lanes on freight routes, plus how VicRoads has been doing it better for the last five years. Do I need to refresh AC cyclists' memories with some of the photos here? Plus remind them that cyclists need to help the Adelaide cycling community. Approved by the State Government so similar arterial road 'upgrades' may be coming to a road near you.



I am sorry if the coverage of the Walkerville Terrace issues has drawn attention away from coverage of Churchill Rd.  When the journalist contacted me as a result of blogs I had posted on this site to do a story on the cycling issues on Walkervile Terrace, I saw it as a positive thing that they were going to do a story drawing attention to a situation where cycling infrastructure was being downgraded on a significant cycling route.  It had certainly not occurred to me that it would be drawing attention away from issues in other areas.  Also when I was asked if there was anyone else I suggest they speak to in relation to the story, I did in fact refer her to yourself.

Heather, your advocacy on cycling issue is much appreciated and I hope whatever gets published draws attention to the significant hazards being created by any councils that downgrade critical cycling infrastructure such as is proposed for Churchill Rd.



Interesting that the journalist found the story through AC Walkerville discussions that would include my name; that she could have read my Prospect BUG discussions; that you referred her to me.

For years The Messenger wanted my stories, including in February when they approached me for a photo of my 'keep bicycle lanes' T-shirt after a Messenger employee saw me collecting the cycling petition. After the photoshoot and interview, they dropped the story. It appears they had realised that the Labor Party would not appreciate it, after publishing in January that three Labor party members supported the Prospect Road changes, ie Federal Member for Adelaide Kate Ellis, then State Member for Adelaide Jane Lomax-Smith and Prospect Mayor David O'Loughlin. Finally The Messenger appeared momentarily interested again after Rachel Sanderson, current Liberal Member for Adelaide, did a 'grieve' in Parliament.

David, with your new information, I surmise that you did not draw media attention away from Prospect cycling hazards. That The Messenger is selecting what will become public knowledge through their papers.


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