AC members raised issue again of illegal parking in the cycle route (not official bicycle lane) on Walkerville Terrace. A few years ago some cyclists objected to Walkerville Council's plans to 'upgrade' the road and in the process make it less cyclist-friendly. Now I have rediscovered this media item of an even earlier date.

Bike Lanes
Published in the Standard Messenger of 28-Jul-2004 on page 5.
Walkerville Council is seeking legal advice to see whether it has any power to relocate a bike lane from Walkerville Tce to a nearby street . . .

Bike lane is way forward
Letter by Bernhard Sayer of Windsor Gardens
Published in the Standard Messenger of Tuesday 11-Aug-2004 on page 18.
In response to the brief item regarding Walkerville Council's investigation into their desire to take away the bike lane from Walkerville Tce (28-Jul-2004).
I'm sure the council will be pleased to know that I, a cyclist who rides along Walkerville Tce every night because of the presence of the bike lane, won't be doing so anymore if the bike lane disappears.
As a result of the bike lane being there, I've spent a lot more money at Walkerville Tce businesses than I would have had I just stuck to the Linear Park.
I'm sure I'm not the only cyclist who will make this change to their route home. Do the businesses want to miss out on this income just because dome people don't like the bank up of traffic that they create themselves?
Perhaps Walkerville Council should get themselves into the new millennium and realise that the proactive way forward is to encourage people to use sustainable modes of transport, instead of driving one-person-per-car up Walkerville Tce.

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