Hi everyone, I recently found my Grandfathers old Super Elliot in the back of a shed & would love to restore it to its former glory.

Besides the obvious need for a paint job, the wheels are a bit crooked, the cranks on the chainring are a bit bent and the saddle needs replacing. Can anyone point me in the right direction to a shop or someone that might be able to help?

Also the writing and pinstriping are painted on so would anyone know where I could maybe get some stickers or decals made up? 

Any tips would be greatly appreciated 


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I may still have a bag of SE decals - I'll try to find them in the shed - PM me if you'd like me to follow up. I do have photographs of various carefully repainted and restored SEs somewhere on this machine that may help you. The fellow who owns/runs the SE store in Rundle Street (his name escapes me at present) has a few beautifully restored SE bikes - he may have photos he can show you. There's also a poster online somewhere of photos from the SE family collection, taken when it was still all together. 

I can't help, but would love to see the "after" photo. Post it back on here when you're done

My hot tip is DO NOT REPAINT IT.  It would be a travesty, an outrage, a crime against vintage bicycles. You would be destroying the very thing that gives it it’s intrinsic vintage value - that it is in original condition.

The original paint work can be cleaned up and protected with clear lacquer or similar.  The pinstripes were hand painted, irreplaceable.  I am not an expert but I do know that original vintage finishes, known as “patina” is much valued amongst enthusiasts of anything vintage, including bikes.  There is woman’s Super Elliott bicycle of similar vintage in original condition I have seen a number of times parked in various places around the city over the last few years.  It is a beautiful thing and all the more so because it is amazing to see such an old bike, circa 1940s, in its original condition still in use in the city it was made.  I always stop and admire it.

There is a retro bicycle discussion group on Australian Cycling Forum that you should post on for advice on vintage bicycle restoration.  There are a number of hard core vintage bicycle enthusiasts that regularly contribute to discussions on vintage bicycle restorations.  I am sure they would also be horrified at the suggestion the bike be repainted.

The is also an Adelaide bloke that specialises in vintage Super Elliott’s, he has his own website - aussievelos - or something like that.  There is a history of Super Elliot’s on that website. You can contact him through there.

Finally, Tredleys bike shop in the city (very near Super Elliot’s) advertises on their website that they do bicycle restoration but I have never been there or used their services so I can’t vouch for them it they might be worth investigating.

Thanks for the tips but I think the paintwork is too far gone to be restored unfortunately. It's got quite a bit of surface rust and the pinstriping is missing in parts. I've identified it as a 1948 model that would have had a two-toned green paint job which might be a challenge but I'll see how I go.

Something like this?

That looks unreal! Did you restore it yourself? Mine would need all new nickel plating, any ideas where I could get that done? Not sure if my original photo posted so I'll try and put another one up of the "before" photo

The restored S/E track bike came from a prominent SA collector and friend whose collection of 60+ bikes I sold a few years ago. This was an Olympic competition bike I think, now owned by a prominent Adelaide LBS owner (and past S/E competitor). Yes - I believe the owner restored the bike himself although the paint detailing was probably done by Jack Greenslade (sp?) who detailed many of Adelaide's restored bikes. I think this '50's/early 60's blue bike's full resto was warranted by its history. Yours looks like a much older and very different machine - more of an everyday or general use bike. It also looks like it's had a fair whack at the front - the fork, TT and DT all look a bit distorted. If you really want to ride it (rather than just hang it up on the wall) I'd leave it as it is (maybe a coat of wax) and just try to get the frame and fork tweaked back into place - P Good could probably do it for you. The wheels & crank look OK - obviously you'd need a new s/s chain and a replacement saddle...


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