Ive searched high and low and there doesn't appear to be any active group for vintage bicycle rides.

I'd be interested in riding one of my pre 1960's bicycles at a slow pace.

If I could suggest a nice and safe route - Start at the Edinburgh Hotel in Mitcham, ride up Brownhill Creek road ( a little incline but with little to no traffic in a 40kph zone) and return to the pub or a cafe via some of the quieter streets around Mitcham Village.

Anyone interested in starting a group....?



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Hasn't been active for a year now, but no reason not to kick it back into action.

Don't forget that H'Eroica is on 09 October.


I did notice they haven't been active so Ill join up and try and kickstart a ride!


A few of us tend to ride from (my place) Colonel Light Gardens, down to Seacliff, along to Glenelg for coffee, then back towards the city by varying routes depending on time, headwind etc, then back home. 50-60km. We are on Classic Lightweights 1940s to 1980s, so pace is built around that and our ages. Our routes tend to keep off the main roads, and it provides for a more social ride.

The acciaio brio rides were organised by Daniel, who is young and fit, and he had far newer bikes (late 1980s). His routes were found to be challenging to the riders, and the same applied to the gearing and braking capacities of the older bikes (hills!).

If you are proposing a ride, it might be helpful to identify the style of bike, speed of the ride and distance proposed.

Once you have that, seek out those on Treadly's BOUCLE DE BURBS who have similar bikes and hand out printed details of the ride.


Sounds like a plan and hope to have the "Tyler" ready before the BOUCLE DE BURBS.

Style of bike - pre 1970

Pace - slow on flats

Distance - under 20km on flats

Another inactive group that I could kickstart...


Maybe we should start another group specifically for vintage rides. There have been a number of people looking for rides like this over the years but there is never a single place for them to group so they disappear when they don't find one. Within the group different rides could be organised to cater for more people depending on their location and confidence. I ride from Kidman Park along the river and coast on a pre 60's lightweight. Seeing as Adelaide doesn't have a regular Tweed Ride there is a need for something similar that is easily accessible for everyone.

I would be interested in an easy going vintage bike ride as you suggest - slow pace on the flats. I have small collection of old roadsters that are heavy and slow to ride but I'm not in a hurry...

I have created a Group however not sure how much time I can devote to it as I'm pretty busy, waiting for better riding weather and numbers, one ride I will be suggesting is Linear park to the beach via bike track , maybe Adelaide to Glenelg and Up north here near the Barossa for some mild hills.


I have a couple of Vintage racers for sale atm.


Ive since joined the Penny Farthing Club of SA -yes it does exist and been around since the dawn of time.... 

I knew that. Been on a few of the rides with some of my older bikes.

Penny's are cool but rather expensive from what I have seen.

Yes, even some replicas are expensive let alone the real thing. Don't actually need a Penny to join but will ride the Safety I'm currently restoring.    

Is there any information online about the club Dimitri? What is the joining process?


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