Does anyone have any video of magpies swooping?  (go pro or something)

If you do, we'd be grateful if you contact BISA chair Fay Patterson:


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I uploaded this one a few years back onto youtube.

First magpie attack was south of the Brighton railway station. The second was while riding up Ocean Boulevard, Seacliff Park.

Plus this photo from my Adelaide cyclists photo file.

I like the way it turned sideways.  Lots more on that youtube page as well.  

Found this on SydneyCyclists:

Guess it is ok to repost here - interesting conclusion.

I "tried this at home" yesterday; took off my helmet at a point that I've been swooped every day for the past couple of weeks.  I wasn't swooped.  On Monday I will try again with my helmet on.  After all, perhaps the magpie knows it's now September.

Nah - it is definitely the helmet, we need less helmets, clearly bad, magpies confirm!  ;-)

I did the ride this morning with my helmet on and was swooped.  So that does support the helmet idea.  

But it doesn't apply to all birds.  I lived in Canberra in the 1970s and the problem was currawongs.  I once had blood trickling down my face from an attack on the way home from work.  We didn't have helmets then. (Hence the blood.)  

Perhaps currawongs might be even more aggressive with helmeted cyclists.

Was it a maggie that swooped you?  I guess some individual birds are more aggressive than others. We were once cycling above Saddleworth and I swear that bird would have swooped anything that moved!

The one that is swooping me at the moment is pretty half-hearted.  

I might try the peanut butter sandwich on my helmet. :)

My local magpie family love cheese.

Well I don't have a video camera on my bike but can recommend a good site for getting your own video of a magpie attack! Coming back from Morphett Vale along the Veloway the infamous Major Magpie clacked against my helmet. I stopped and fished out the camera to take a mug shot of the feathered fiend.

After some stern words from me the miscreant magpie wandered off to the grass on the other side of the fence, muttering "wasn't me" and thinking of grubs.

I don't think i can count this one out but the one time I was swooped was when I was wearing very bright colours! Safe to say I stick to pretty dark colours now when I ride! I swear they have a personal vendetta!


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