Check out this new kick starter campaign (LINK) to bring to market what appears to be a very powerful and well designed bike light.

A great amount of care appears to have been taken to ensure an even spread of light, close to the sunlight spectrum. Thought has also been applied to durability, upgrade-ability and product recycling.

Please support locally designed products and innovation. I have no link to this project (nor the design team) but product design is my proffesion and we are few and far between in this state. I would love to see this one get funded and up and running.

Their promo video is below:

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The twin garmin mount looks cool.

I like the recycling concept.

Hard market in 2014 to bust into given the 30$ magicshine lights you can get off but there is always a market for aesthetic stuff.

Yep, I currently use a cheap cree, but generally need to buy a new one each year. If the Indiglo is everything it claims to be then its worth my cash. Cyclists love spending money on the newest and greatest but definitely a saturated market so quality and service will be the key.

For me the value points are:

  • Spread of light, the cheapies have a massive hotspot
  • Cordless
  • Upgradeable and tough, like I said I go through one a year normally.

Will be interesting yo see how it deals with heat management, especially if used as a torch. The cheap ones get very very hot without airflow.

I do hope it gets funded!


Looks really good. Might just be the way it was filmed but it would need to increase the spread and minimise the hotspot and then it could be the perfect comute light with off road capability. Go the local guy! Does he need 

any test pilots?

I signed up for one. Was wondering where the promo was filmed - looks like Coach Rd and/or Knox Tce ?

One of the guys involved also has a post over here

Hi Guys,

Good spotting re coach/knox!...I live up that way and bomb down coach early in the dark...good to see where ya going!

Rob and Jim, I should employ you both if we get up!

I believe there is a gap in the market as I have had issues myself with existing products. I rate exposure but feel they are overpriced, under engineered and the light CRI is too white (not natural enough). And those cheapies are fine to be seen with but not to see with...Plus the issue of having a separate battery pack.

I am an industrial designer and have made an effort with aesthetics but this light is driven primarily by performance  Our light will weigh a bit more that the exposures, but that weight will ensure a more robust product that can be renewed and survive the rigours of cycling. The indiglo5 will have removable batteries so you can take a spare just in case.

The light used in the video does have a hot spot, but we have drastically improved since and will continue to do so, check this image out compared with a genuine magic shine... not a asian copy. Note there claimed outputs are usually exaggerated...

So there seems to be a percentage of people that feel users won't be responsible enough to use a light appropriately reducing its output and angling it down when in built up areas and approaching other road users. 

As this product can still be tweaked prior to production and due to its modular nature, we can offer alternative anti glare bezels and optics.

How would you feel about these items being offered that could be swapped out?

Can't please everyone, but I like to try!

We have been working on a solution so that the INDIGLO5 can be mounted under the bars. Below is a CAD model showing a section of handlebar and brake/gear cable outers with the roadie mount. If mounted on top of the bars, the silicon band accommodates the cables but if mounted under, the new design has a slot so that the mount doesn't interfere with them. The slot allows for the mount to be rotated a few degrees so the beam angle can be adjusted.

We prefer the under bar mount as it looks cleaner and the mount isn't working against gravity.

What are your thoughts?

Looks good. I always hang my Cygolite under my bars. I started doing it because it rattled in its mount but ended up doing it all the time.

This is a great idea for the under bar mount Simon. Gives you more real estate for your hands when on a climb. I like that idea. The rubber clasp is also worthwhile too. I have often seen plastic clasps and they get squeaky over time.


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