Veloway sniper Cracticus tibicen! Let's discuss strategies......

Cracticus tibicen AKA The Australian Magpie. Ok, I know the Southern veloway maggies are infamous. I just thought I would mention a couple of things. I got sniped by 4 between darlington and McLaren vale today. Each (bar-one) attacked from behind. Each went for my ears and when no luck there tried to go more anterior but my sunnies stopped them. After the first attack, I reckoned that the first swoop (usually from the greatest distance and height) is the least accurate and then they lock on. So, after nearly losing an ear lobe to the first Cracticus tibicen that assailed me, I took to riding with my "pocket rocket" pump in my left hand and after the first swoop I would ride along swinging the said pump in an arc above and behind my head for about a hundred metres or so, and success! Riding with the pump in hand didnt cramp my style too much and worked a treat for the last 3 kamikaze attacks. Was nice to hear the frustrated crawing sound as I rode away...... 

Aside from the mythical (and in my experience useless cable ties), what has worked for other folk? 

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I noticed that I don't get swooped if I wear my yellow cycling helmet. But with the white one, I'm prime target! 

got hammered on both ears on my commute home tonight! rode along the eastern side of Brighton station hoping to avoid the black and white dragon that terrorises the western side but he must have expanded his territory so no one escapes his ferocity. funniest thing was that he totally ignored 2 pedestrians but made a beeline for me. it sure gave them a good laugh to see me waving my arm like a lunatic!!!!

Not sure if it's the same bird, but I was attacked this morning at Scott St, which is a bit south of Brighton Station on the east side of the train line. It was a fairly savage little bugger - it had three goes at me. Here's the spot ..... beware!

...Maggie proof helmet?

The bird is smart; it can read.  It doesn't go for buses because someone has put up signs at the bus stops warning about swooping magpies, and the bird wants to prove them wrong.  There are no signs where bikes go, so they are fair game.


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