From CCS facebook page:

“Unfortunately, the Findon Road shared underpass at the River Torrens Linear Park was vandalised last night. We have had to close it as it is not safe for use - we understand this is an inconvenience and will work as quickly as possible to complete a structural assessment and get repairs started.
We will keep you updated on any changes.”

Looks like someone had a go at the decking with a chainsaw!

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it's fire damage & the aluminium planks either melted or the fire was hot enough to ignite them too. Hopefully the structure itself is undamaged otherwise it might be closed for a while.

I'm pretty sure that those planks aren't aluminium, but recycled plastic. Much easier to get alight than metal.

I always thought those underpasses were aluminium decking, but I could be wrong. They certainly sound metallic if you walk across them in cleats.

they are recycled plastic. And quite hard to set on fire (they have a retardant). Product is this, or similar.

thanks - good to know I can shelter under those underpasses in a thunderstorm and not be standing on a giant lightning conductor then :)


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