I currently have a Garmin Edge 200 and want to upgrade to something with an indoor setting and can be used with a heart rate monitor and a cadence sensor. This is because I am starting to ride rack and have just purchased an indoor trainer.

Does anyone have one that they don't use much and would like to sell? If not what do you recommend?  

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I recently purchased an Explova E5 online but in the end decided to get a Garmin Edge 510 just for the extra features. The Explova is still new (in box, unused). I bought it as it can do almost everything that the Edge 510 can do including GPS, power meter and Strava compatibility. It can also do indoor trainer. PM me if you are interested, its going for the same price as I bought it=$99.

What do you think of the EDGE 200, i am thinking of getting one, I don't need it for indoor use

It's absolutely fantastic! If I wasn't upgrading I would use it for sure! It's simple to use and has some great features. The only down side is you can use it with a HRM, a cadence sensor and a power meter (but I don't have any of them).

there are a few cheap 500s and 800s poping up on ebay atm

Hey Matt, Put a bid in for me and I will buy you a schnitzel next time i am in town

Training for the Grand Fondo in August I did 90k on Sunday and it nearly killed me in the 32c heat very sunny day. Good news is there are no hills in Darwin

check it out http://www.topendgranfondo.com.au

I have a polar CS500CAD that I dont use anymore, with Heart Rate / Cadence / Speed. Also comes with the dongle to put the data onto your PC (it will go into Strava with a bit of messing around)

Dont use it now I have a Edge 510. $100 and its yours :) (The polar unit that is, not the Garmin)

Sorry mate I'm actually set on the EDGE 500 now. Just got to sell me EDGE 200 to out money towards it.

How much for the 200

I was thinking $80, it's still under warranty

When do you want to sell it, I will take it

I'm ready to sell it when ever you are ready to buy it!

Inbox me what you want to do!


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