Andrew, Mark, Asami, Nigel, David, Roger, Tim, Bazz and myself.

A good ride enjoyed by all I think, our paths crossed with The Gawler Wheelers at the begining of the SOG bikeway. The bikeway is fantastic and made even better by a nice tail breeze, good company, everybody changed positions regularly so we all got to chat with each other.  Met the Gawler Wheelers again in Gawler (who'd have thought) and we spent some time there. Return trip not quite so speedy as the wind picked up a little and we were riding into it. Deviated from the path and cycled through some open country to and around Edinburgh. Many thanks to Bazz who offered me a lift back up the hill to Modbury. Gratefully accepted by one tired boy has had a great 3 day cycling weekend, not to mention a big surprise birthday party.

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It sure was a good ride this morning, I had a great time.

It was also pretty good to get such a big group of cyclists all having coffee together in Gawler.

Excellent day out infact I'm going to ride out there again soon

might even pull out some of that young caltrop before it gets a grip. In 30 minutes anybody with not much to do could save a few hundred punctures ...even thinking it maybe as soon as tommorow ... who knows?

Have to tell you Tim I checked the attendees and it's going to a pretty fast bunch to try and keep up with on your bike though I see Brian is a maybe in which case he will ride in his own time, probably on a more interesting route and return home via a different route,, you'd do well to hook up with him if you can
Clive well done on organising the ride. I was with the Gawler Wheelers group and it was great to hook up with you all over coffee at Gawler. What astounded me was that most of the Nexy group that I met over coffee mentioned that they had only met the other group members today on the Nexy ride. The "Community Power" of the bike!! All of your group seemed to have really enjoyed the Nexy ride and the trip to Gawler  on what was a perfect day. It was a pleasure meeting you Clive, and those who were on the Nexy would be our pleasure to have you all join us at some time on a Gawler Wheelers ride..7.30 am any Saturday. Cheers.
I'm thinking that when daylight saving ends some might meet you at the same point that we crossed paths at the end of the path then take your route to Gawler and either return via the bikeway or continue into the hills. If you leave Gawler at 7.30 I guess you get to Mill Rd at approx 08.05. Such an arrangement might even tempt some of the Mud Crabs to come north for a look.
This mud crab would be interested would be great to explore new territory and meet some more cyclists
I'd be interested, just let us know where and when.
Thanks Clive for well organised ride. Thanks to everyone else as well for making it any enjoyable morning. Look forward to doing it again soon.
Plenty of crash barriers on the NEXY Colin and as far as I can recall so far they are all virginal. Any truth in the rumour that you are planning a new tattoo "OLD WILLUNGA"
Thank you Clive. I did cycling w AC members first time. it was great time. I am looking forward to doing again and once again Happy Birthday!!   asami
Great ride with great riders, thanks for organising Clive, hope the detour on the way back was OK - shame the bike path next to DSTO doesn't seem to get used that often though..


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