Cyclist dies in parklands fall
Posted by SAPOL on 5-Mar-2018
A cyclist has died after crashing his bike into a ditch in the south parklands overnight. The man's body was found in the parklands, a few hundred metres north of Greenhill Rd, Unley, by a passer-by about 12.45pm on Monday 5-Mar-2018. There are no suspicious circumstances. The deceased man's identity is yet to be confirmed, however, he is believed to be a 69yo man from Unley.  Next of kin have been advised. Major Crash investigators are investigating the circumstances that led to the man's death and will prepare a report for the Coroner.

Serious crash at Murray Bridge
Posted by SAPOL on 5-Mar-2018
Police are at the scene of a serious crash at Murray Bridge. Just before 4.30pm, police and emergency services were called to an area on Maurice Rd after reports that a car and bicycle had collided. The male rider of the bicycle is being flown to the Royal Adelaide Hospital in a critical condition. A young girl who was riding another bicycle was treated at the scene for minor injuries. Road closures are in place near Bywaters Rd. Major Crash investigators are attending the scene, and please avoid the area if possible. 

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Heather, last night  the TV news I was watching were speculating that the cyclist attempted to undertake the truck just before it turned Left :( 

Kasey, the injured cyclist could have been following the road rules, but in the wrong place at the wrong time and not super vigilant.

Overtaking on the left is usually permitted for cyclists, unless the vehicle is indicating a left turn (ARR reg 141). Problems when a driver intends to turn left but does not indicate, or indicate early enough. A long vehicle needs to indicate even earlier, so the cyclist can see the indicator before the cyclist is alongside.

Problem is a lot of motorists only turn their indicator on when actually in the corner - or not at all - grr..

I drove past the accident site about 1 hour after it happened. The truck was a large semi trailer type tipper presumably working from a demolition site just metres from the accident site. The truck was obviously turning into the side street in question when the cyclist was hit. It may have been driving very slowly at that point and the driver didn't spot the cyclist in the turning zone. Dirty or late applied indicator lamps wouldn't have been visible to the cyclist in time. The bike I saw lying by the road was a black road bike with a seriously mangled back wheel, so I suspect the cyclist suffered badly.

Police report that the cyclist has since died.

Oh dear :-(

Condolences to the family involved.

A sad month for cycling when 5 cyclists died in SA.
I feel shaken although I did not know the riders.
Condolences to families and friends.

I hope I didn't imply I was vctim blaming. I was just reporting what I heard on the evening news.

I get really annoyed when it is reported that a cyclist has been injured after his/her "bike collided with a car"

Thatphrasing implies to me that the rider was being careless. Then you see the photos from the scene and often you can tell it was the cyclist who was hit from behind by an innatentive motorist :(

Kasey, understand. Neither of us was present at the crash scene to be witnesses.

Whichever road user has the most responsibility for any crash occurring, it is left to the vulnerable road user to be super vigilant. Otherwise the cyclist pays for it with injuries and sometimes their life. Am aware that impossible to use bicycle transport while avoiding all crashes.

No-one will ever know what went through the cyclist's mind as he went up the bike lane, suffice it to say it's another road death that could well have been avoided.


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