TWO FINGERS FOR YOU >>> Gawler Wheelers Group Ride Report: Saturday July 6th 2013


1. Gawler Wheelers-ROUTE31-Gawler-Lyndoch-Williamstown-Warren Res-Williamstown-Gawler-BEGINNER HILLS


2. Gawler Wheelers-ROUTE37-Gawler-Lyndoch-Williamstown-Kersbrook-Gawler-HILLS


No. of Riders : 35



This week the Gawler Wheelers salutes Glastonbury 2013, the largest music festival in the world, held in the UK last weekend.

Yesterday the weather forecast for the today’s Gawler Wheelers rides was as follows:


35 riders gave the weather forecast two fingers and turned up anyway for our rides this morning! The weather actually was a lot more favourable. Conditions were cloudy, but fine, apart from the legs that took us to the Warren Reservoir and Kersbrook. We encountered a little moisture in that area just to remind us that it is actually mid-winter!


Whilst we held two concurrent GW rides today, the first 30kms to Williamstown were common to both rides. From Williamstown the group split into two on a approx. 50/50 basis. The Beginner Hills group went on to the Warren Reservoir and then back to Gawler. The Hills group on the other hand went on to Kersbrook and then back home. Both groups arrived back at Café Farina within about 5 minutes of each other.

Whilst the cycling conditions may not have been ideal, the general consensus was that “we would rather be out riding with the GWs on todays like today rather than moping around home.” The post-ride evidence would back that up, ie by 11.00am there were many of us  enjoying a white wine, beer or Scotch and engaged in conversations surrounded by a huge buzz !


You will hear more from those who rode this morning over the coming days so stay tuned! Thank you to all who rode with the Gawler Wheelers today…we just love waking up with you every weekend.


NEXT WEEK: We will be holding one mammoth group FLAT ride! Yes…YOU are welcome to join us! Full details are posted on AC Events.


One of the up-coming stars who really caught our eye at Glastonbury this year was Jake Bugg. Please enjoy:


“TWO FINGERS” – Jake at Glastonbury 2013


Tom was all smiles today! First ride on his brand new bike, purchased as a result of an unbelievable deal from Star Cycles! He was also celebrating the birth of his 3rd child, Layla Olivia, born on 22nd June. Congrats Sarah and Tom!

Michael (L), (with Carmen), was also all smiles today as it is his birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday Michael from all of your GW friends!

Who is Jake Bugg?

Gary (Star Cycles) at Lyndoch undertaking some emergency mechanical repairs on David’s bike

Who won the Café Farina $25 gift voucher?

Kev, David and Richie at Lyndoch

Kevin and David arriving at Williamstown

Williamstown Regroup

Rita Ora at Glastonbury last weekend

Hills group at Kersbrook

Daniel, Ray & Wilson on the Hills ride

Gareth on the Hills ride, with Dale who copped a split tyre. No problems…emergency fix by Gary from Star Cycles

Jake Bugg background

Hills group arrive back home

Michael and Paul about to draw the Café Farina voucher winner

Whose sexy bruised leg is this...and what happened?

Stefan is the winner of the $25 Café Farina voucher. Congrats Stefan!

That's Stefan on the left

Dale and Darren enjoying a post-ride beer


Later we have an outstanding Glastonbury “bonus clip” for you. Until then please enjoy one of the headline groups at this year’s Glastonbury festival:


“I WILL WAIT” – Mumford & Sons


Gawler Wheelers is all about comradeship, fun, fitness and chasing our dreams. Join the GW group on AC. Come on our rides. Contact details below. Until next week >> Cheers for now...Frank.

Gawler Wheelers: Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year 2013

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Great video and riding Terry, I think you got all the action shots and atmosphere of the ride, awesome quality for the conditions. Good to have a yarn with you after the ride also.

Enjoying your videos each week now mate.

Brett..thanks mate... was good sitting down after the ride having a few yacks which is a positive step for me :). Do me a favour mate.. next ride we on together remind me about changing battery in the damn cam unit please lol...


No worries Terry.

PS...thanks for the help on the leg to Lyndoch. I found it a lot easier once I latched on to you.


Been MANY a time when you have been my latch Frank.. :) 

Haha your a funny bugger Terry, My legs where shot but my eyes would roll back into my head and id go again hehe but honestly you are pushing me out there too, plus i'm learning from the best possum tricks from you :p.

You do know that Possum's pee alot ? 

and Brett, you should see me climb trees...not good so I am no possum :)

Well again I didn't make it out this week, this winter weather is really putting a damper on my cycling, but I did manage to do a bit of GW promo work with my news story :-) Lets see if I can shake off the winter blues and get my butt out there next week!

Nice promo work it was Elaine... See you during the week perhaps ? :) 


It was a nice article Elaine. Well done on getting the press coverage.


Enjoyed getting out in the wet and getting dirty :) in what started out as glorious conditions. I felt flat after the first climb and all the muscle memories came flooding back to me legs about last week lol. Decided to take it easy and ride as a group, thanks Frank and Tezza, took advantage of a down hill section but they soon caught me again.

Felt like a bit more like pedalling after the Lyndoch stop, Kinda enjoyed the fine mist and riding what seemed like "into the clouds". After the Williamstown stop the real testing conditions came into play, the slow climb kept getting gradually harder, as did the mist and clouds turn into rain. Visibility was real bad riding into the clouds and breathing was harder too, glasses fogged to hell, brake lights barely visible after 25 meters , some of the most extreme but somehow rewarding conditions I have ridden in.

After I was soaked I just wanted to get back as quick as I could lol , really did not enjoy the wet shoes/socks and getting grubby haha but all is clean now and im glad I rode it.

Will need some water proof booties before I do a wet ride again.

See you all next week :).


Brett I recommend the shoe covers for wet days...had mine on and the feet stayed completely dry this week.



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