Has anyone heard anything about whether there is a Tweed Ride this year?

My tweed is calling from the cupboard and the old girl is itching to stretch her legs again.  My wife would like to come too.

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Dress in tweed, looking all dapper, even though it's going to be too warm for tweed & bring a picnic lunch. We meet at The Adelaide Town Hall at noon and we set of shortly afterwards and go for a little ride around the city before pulling up for a picnic & photos and a dress-up comp. Some of us ride to The Wheaty (Wheatsheaf) for a pint or 2 after lunch.
Not sure where lunch is this year.

That's all I know, I hope that is sufficient.

Tally Ho. :-)

A shady spot (as in sun coverage, not dodgy surroundings) for the partaking of cucumber sandwiches ... a cordial occasion.

That makes more sense.  I'm not riding in tweed in 31C heat with brewing storms - stuff that.  Did my own tweed ride when it was cooler (plus little athletics gets in the way now).


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