Has anyone heard anything about whether there is a Tweed Ride this year?

My tweed is calling from the cupboard and the old girl is itching to stretch her legs again.  My wife would like to come too.

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Nothing on Facebook, nothing on the Treadley shop page, nothing on fixed.org.au

but it is the right time of year (last Sun in July).

I have just sent a message to Darren

I emailed Darren and he said he had postponed it due to the weather, he will let me know when it's on.

Good on you Sue.   I was wondering about same just earlier tonight.

Forecast for this Sunday: Partly Cloudy!

It's going to be a Spring Tweed Ride.  Will update with a date when I hear anything more.

Is there a way we can find out ? I don't want to miss this. I only heard of it this year and know heaps of people who'd be keen.

Tweed ride is on this Sunday 26th July. I only just recently found out. There is no fb event for it, it was just a flyer on Darrens page. 12noon Adelaide Town Hall as per usual  :-)

A bit late for that now.  There are a few disappointed tweeders this year.  

Ummmm.....ok! No it's not actually too late. You do realise your original post was the 22nd of July & the ride is usually at the very end of July so you would've had a similar amount of time as you do now.

Umm. 26 July wasn't a Sunday, but 26 October will be.

Lol! Well I did write it at work in the middle of the night between dealing with patients dying and what not. You get that. Lol :-)

Yes, it's this Sunday October 26th.

Where can I find more info?


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