Can anyone recommend a cheap, simple but effective trip computer?  I'm a commuting cyclist, with the occasional longer weekend trip thrown in - all I want is one that tells me how far I've ridden, and at what speed.  I don't want one that will tell me what speed my heart rate is, what cadence my umlaut is accelerating at and what rate the kasumkahs in my legs are dying at.  So, my spending range isn't big - but all the ones I've had previously have an unhappy knack of dying - admittedly, the best one died because it fell off of my bike unexpectedly and was squashed by a passing truck.  I work in the CBD and am secretly hoping to buy it tomorrow, so any recommendations would be appreciated.  Or, if someone is selling their basic model because they've upgraded to one that reports how many kasumkahs in their legs are remaining after conquering Mount Lofty, please get in touch.



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My bf brought a Cateye for $20 (think it was the Amy Gillet version), it's not wrireless but does the trick on speed and km's

If you have an iPhone then this is very good and cheap...

Sigma make a good range. I have a 906 and it's served me well. They are quite widely available.

Check Annaconda for low prices or on line with Cell.


Patrick, if it does speed and distance it does what I'm after.  What do you deem to be a 'cheap price'?  And are you around the CBD at all?  (and do you still have the instruction manual for this little non-technical whizzo?)



$30? - sold to the man with the personalised numberplate avatar.  Don't expect you to make a trip to the CBD - e-mail me at and we can arrange something I'm sure.

Youve scored a margin there! I have this one in my roadie,, . one piece of advice I can offer is when u are clearing the seen//memory as there are 2 diff counters for distance, check that both are back to zero , because I thought that if you cleared the dist2, that would assume dist 1 is cleared , but no. its a good function tho, I use dist1 for measuring daily trips distance and dist2 for the weekly accumulative

You should be able to pick up a good quality Union 5 function computer from LBS for around $20 - $25. Try SE's in the city, they deal with the distributor of that product.  Includes speed, distance, trip distance, clock and auto scan.

Dick Smiths Rundle Mall used to sell one for around $30.  Kmart and Target occasionally have them. Myself - use a sigma from the local bike store.

also free apps for iphone and android, eg strava and endomondo.


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