TRI THIS, OR TRY THAT >>> Gawler Wheelers Group Ride Report: Saturday November 23rd 2013

Ride 1: Gawler Wheelers-ROUTE58-Gawler-Gomersal-Tanunda-Seppeltsfield-Freeling-Gawler-UNDULATING


Ride 2: Gawler Wheelers-ROUTE13-Gawler-Gomersal-Tanunda-Lyndoch-Gawler-UNDULATING


Ride 3: Gawler Wheelers-ROUTE68-Gawler-Gomersal-Tanunda-Seppeltsfield-Greenock-Freeling-Gawler-UNDULATING


No. of Riders : 44



EVERY comment posted on the next two week's GW Ride Reports go into the draw to win the $25 CAFÉ NOVA voucher. All AC & GW members can enter….no limit on the number of entries!

GW member, Alan Green, at Mera Peak Summit - NEPAL. 6,461m and -15 degrees!

This morning we gave the 44 riders who came along for the GW ride the opportunity to try this or try that!

We held a GW TRI-RIDE, ie three different rides through the Barossa Valley, with the first 30 kms being common to all three routes. We rode to Tanunda together and then the riders made the big decision as to which of three routes they would continue on. They had 59km, 76km and 92km options to choose from.

The ride conditions were near perfect again. Nice cool temp, minimal wind factor and a protective cloud cover for most of the incident free rides.

We call this section of our AC post a “ride summary” because the GW ride experience is best described by those who rode with us. So, keep tuning in over the next few days as the riders tell us about their ride.

We will tell you now that the feed-back after the rides today was again extremely positive. THANK YOU to everyone who rode with us today…you are a killer group to kick start the weekend with!


NEXT WEEK: We head back to the hills. We will be holding a BEGINNER HILLS ride and a harder HILLS ride. Full details will be posted on AC Events and YOU are welcome to join us.

To assist all of the newbies we continue with our CYCLING TIPS. This week we focus on:






Mat’s new bike. Tell us about it mate

Haydn (L), Richie.... & Kev with his new bike! Specs please Kev

Vanessa leading a bunch. Paul chatting away as usual!

Sturt Highway Regroup

Glen and Kingsley at Tanunda

Gareth (L), Keith, Carl, Wendy and Craig

We split off at Tanunda into the 3 groups

Louise and Juz head off on the longer rides

Andrea and Mick…obviously having a good time

Riding through Seppeltsfield is just the best

The GW Route58 76km group doing it in fine style

Kingsley at Lyndoch…”how far to go now?…I am *%#@ stuffed!”

92km riders making hay while the sun shone

Craig on the 92km ride. What are you thinking Craig?

Michael (front) happy as coz he has just clocked up 10,000kms this year

Carmen (L), Peter and Andrew…first riders back from the 92km ride. They smashed it…average of 34kph for the ride. Well done guys

Next in…..Wilson, Fred and Al

Lisa: “where in the h*ll is Colin?”.  Haydn: “Relax..he will be here soon”

Al and Colin…”here we are….did you miss us?”

Alan (L) telling Paul about his Nepal adventure

Tremea, giving her mum Vanessa a very nice massage post-ride


Finally friends, after a terrific GW Tri-Ride we leave you with:


PINK >>> “TRY”


Gawler Wheelers is all about comradeship, fun, fitness and chasing our dreams. Join the GW group on AC. Come on our rides. Contact details below. Until next week >> Cheers for now...Frank.




Gawler Wheelers: Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year 2013



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Thanks for a great ride Gawler Wheelers. Ps thanks Frank for the caption ha ha.
Batman will return. Haydn


Our pleasure Haydn. It was good to see you out again this morning. How did you find the ride? looked "keen as" when you arrived...first photo taken today >>>





I had a great morning, it was good to meet new other riders on the day.thanks Frank



My good friend Jimmy is absolutely stoked that we are having the Gawler Wheelers Xmas Lunch at his cafe! So much so  that he has given us a $25 voucher to raffle off.

All of your comments on our ride reports over the next two weeks will go in the draw.

Come along to our Xmas lunch on the 8th of December for an hour or for the afternoon. Family & Friends welcome.


Please RSVP via this event link





Oops is the actual Xmas Lunch Event link.


I wasn't as fast as the others on the long ride, but I went just as far, plus the 9.6km each way from home, and had a great time doing it, too. Thanks to them for waiting for me a few times, and for The people who kept me company at the back at various times. I set a new personal record for the gawler Bypass, Thiele Highway and Gomersal Road too. As usual thanks go to Frank for coordinating a the weather for us, and Wilson for planning and leading a great route. Thanks to Cafe Farina for saving a slice of Tiramisu to go with the coffee for morning tea as well.


Howdy Scott.,

Well done on taking on the longer ride. Better than me!

Nice to read that you also had a PB! Did you end up cracking 100km for the day??

I could tell that you were going to enjoy the morning...look at you  here at Tanunda...the biggest smile!





Thanks Frank. Perhaps next time we split, you should lead the long ride and let Wilson have the shorter one.

I was surprised I made those PBs, as I had an unpleasant pain below my left knee and was thinking as we crossed the Sturt Highway that I might have needed to return via Lyndoch instead (which until recently was my favourite GW route). My leg must have cooled down at Cafe Farina, but Gomersal Road was enough to warm it up again, and by the time I reached the regroup the pain had cleared, and once I was the slowest person in the group after that, I had no chance to cool down again. My fault must have been in being so enthusiastic for today's ride that I got there earlier than I usually manage :-)

I could have made a good reason to choose each of today's rides. In the end, the longest one won.

I smiled in the photo above because I don't like pictures of me looking "serious" or grimacing, but yes, I had a great ride and enjoyed my day out with GW (as usual).

Oops - I missed one question (this was the second time I typed my answer - the computer ate the first one). Yes, I did make 100. The trip in from home is 9.6km each way by the direct route, so total for the day was just over 110 - before lunch!

The Bupa ride this year only had a coffee van at the finish (with a long queue). I'm thinking I might need to make an unscheduled stop in January if there's a coffee shop in Mount Compass. It was the smell of coffee that kept me pushing into the head wind home from Freeling today :-)


110km...a top days riding...well done Scott.


Great choice of rides today and I opted for the shorter one as I would still clock up the century by the time I rode in for the day. Is it just me or does Gomersal road feel like it gets shorter every time. Not my favourite direction coming in from this way but still made good timing with the climbing undulations.

Ok Frank, about the bike. As most of you know I ride the Specialized Roubaix with a relaxed geometry endurance frame which has been absolutely awesome for me giving me some great achievements and a lot of satisfaction. However ever since I bought this I always wondered about the Tarmac which is Specialized's aggressive race geometry bike. Well after negotiations with my finance department (yes my wife) I was able to test ride the new 2014 model and make a very quick decision if I wanted one or not. It too is awesome.

Now for a quick review for those who are Specialized fans, the new 2014 range (in both Roubaix and Tarmac)now comes out with the fact 9r carbon SL4 frame with internal cabling which previously was only available on the top of range models. Seeing this got me curious when I saw them released about a month ago as it has always been the SL4 I like. The model that I decided to test ride (and eventually buy) is equipped with full 105 componentry which I believe is not far off being up there with Ultegra. Specialized have also gone away from the DT Swiss rims this year and are now putting on Fulcrums, this model has the Fulcrum S5 which do seem to have good reviews on stiffness and weight.

Now for the outcome, I have only clocked up a couple hundred km's compared to the 6000kms I have covered on the Roubaix so it is a bit early to really say if this is my bike of choice. Is it faster than the Roubaix? perhaps marginally if you read other reviews. So far I find the difference to be in the aggressive riding position and being more twitchy with the shorter wheel base. My first real ride on the Tarmac was with the Gully Grinders last week through Paracombe, the gorge, up Corkscrew and down Montecute. So far through the hills the Tarmac seems to win hands down as the connection with the bike is a great feel and handles the hills beautifully where the Roubaix you just sit back and enjoy the ride (if this makes sense). Not sure I would feel as fresh after doing a 200km Grand Slam though so I would probably leave that to the Roubaix.



1. Thanks for the report on the new bike....excellent

2. I can see the discussions starting come re which is the best direction to ride Gomersal Road!!!

3. All the best on your Conquer Cancer ride next week-end. Would you like to tell us a bit about the ride and how you are going with your fund-raising etc. We may still be at Farina's when you ride past?


Kev and his new bike this morning





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