I saw an aftermath of a cycling and car collision this morning. As far as I could see the cyclist was sitting up and the ambos were seeing to his needs. If this was a reader or a friend of a reader I hope you are OK.

It was on the corner of OG and Payneham Rds, a known blackspot, but usually coming from the city towards Marden but this was on the slipway* that allows traffic to turn left from OG into Payneham Rd without having to wait for the traffic lights. It pushes them out into a lane which has to merge.

I didn't see the accident to know exactly what happened but one guess is a cyclist travelling towards Marden with the green light was hit by a car using the slip road. he was on a road bike and wearing quite bright Lycra (perhaps a JT Cycles kit).

To me these road designs are terrible for cyclists, especially like in this case where there is a lane to go straight into,  because drivers just don't look hard enough to see a cyclist.

Do you watch out for these situation with greater defensive riding? What else can be done?

*slipway, slip rd, lane... what are they called?

Image source: Google Street View

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David, on reading this post my thought was the same as yours, of having a green bicycle lane painted across the left slip lane. A cyclist would still need to cycle defensively cos cannot rely on drivers giving way.

Drivers turning left or right are supposed to give way to pedestrians but most do not. Picture painted lines for pedestrians crossing from the footpath to the traffic island where the traffic / pedestrian lights are. What percentage of drivers give way to you when walking instead of cycling?
Will anyone start a lobby to have green painted bicycle lanes across left slip lanes? I will join in but too busy with other cycling advocacy to run the campaign. Do not expect a quick miracle. It will take some time and effort before the authorities put cyclist safety first and do this, because it will "slow the traffic".

This is the reason given for lack of cyclist safety when they merge towards the CBD, but must first cross the busy inner ring route of multiple lanes. In 1996 Transport budgeted the money for a pedestrian / cyclist button activated crossing here but it never went ahead. Since then I have trying for safer crossing of Fitzroy Terrace.


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