I saw an aftermath of a cycling and car collision this morning. As far as I could see the cyclist was sitting up and the ambos were seeing to his needs. If this was a reader or a friend of a reader I hope you are OK.

It was on the corner of OG and Payneham Rds, a known blackspot, but usually coming from the city towards Marden but this was on the slipway* that allows traffic to turn left from OG into Payneham Rd without having to wait for the traffic lights. It pushes them out into a lane which has to merge.

I didn't see the accident to know exactly what happened but one guess is a cyclist travelling towards Marden with the green light was hit by a car using the slip road. he was on a road bike and wearing quite bright Lycra (perhaps a JT Cycles kit).

To me these road designs are terrible for cyclists, especially like in this case where there is a lane to go straight into,  because drivers just don't look hard enough to see a cyclist.

Do you watch out for these situation with greater defensive riding? What else can be done?

*slipway, slip rd, lane... what are they called?

Image source: Google Street View

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Hope the cyclists is ok :( This reminds me of the intersection of Cross Rd and Anzac Hwy, where proceeding towards Glenelg over that intersection in the bike lane puts you in a vulnerable spot with cars turning left from Cross Rd onto Anzac Hwy. There's not much you can do except ride defensively, look over your left shoulder and eyeball any car coming around.
Ah yes, well I'm sure everyone remembers what happened there earlier this year. I fear the same situation.
Agreed, Belinda. I ride thru both of these intersections, LOTS, and your advise is spot on. Take care, and eyeball the driver. Most are good, just the ones in a hurry or who dislike cyclists.
And watch out for the small cement bumps that divide Anzac Hwy and the slip road. Awhile back I was going down there and so busy watching left and right over my shoulder I road into one. Ouch!
I can only agree with whats aleady been said here. I ride across this Payneham Rd intersection quite a bit, and you definitely have to pay close attention while riding. The only other advice I can suggest is to stick your left arm out (if you are comfortable doing so), and wait for any cars to slow down and let you across to the bike lane.
They're not designed with cyclists in mind, the purpose of a slip lane is pretty much entirely to improve traffic flow at the intersection. They sacrifice safety (particularly so for non-motorised transport) to increase traffic mobility (edit: though there probably is some safety benefit for motorists in being able to turn in to busy lanes with a little extra speed.)

I did a quick google search and didn't really find any examples of "improved" slip lanes so I have to wonder if anyone's come up with a fix to the issues they introduce for pedestrians and cyclists. Apparently in Colorado they build raised crossways from the sidewalk to the island just to keep pedestrians out of harm's way, which says a lot about how motor-centric this kind of infrastructure is!
South/Grand Junction intersection is bad, cross the intersection on Sth Rd and watch out for fast traffic coming down Gnd Junc and turning leftinto Sth. I always take it slow there until I know 100%that the drivers seen me
Thanks for the replies.

I actually drove this intersection twice after posting this and my thoughts about it are...

It is dangerous because it is not like other slip roads or turn right with care lanes because it has a lot of lane the car can continue around the corner into while waiting for a break in the traffic. The bike lane is non existent before the lights coming from the city but restarts around the point where the slip road ends so a cyclist has to pretty much merge, or get squeezed, with cars. There is also no warnings or flashing 'turn right with care' signs. For a regular driver on this road they might just ignore this the inexperience might just pay attention.

I think I might construct my thoughts into a letter and write to DTEI and see what response I get.
This road design is abominable. The worst example I know of is the South Road/Sturt Road intersection. Traffic heading west on Sturt and turning left into South. Vehicles are already often speeding because they are going downhill (and are too lazy to move the foot from the accelerator to the brake) and then they have to merge with traffic that is traveling at 70. In order to do this they must traverse one bike lane on Sturt Rd and one on South. To make matters worse, some of these vehicles (such as buses) need to turn left towards Flinder Medical Centre, which means slowing down and, you guessed it, crossing the bike lane yet again.

I really should get on and finish my letter to DTEI about this road design.

It is poor design work.

Hope those cyclists are ok.
Yes, Payneham Rd is bad in both directions around that intersection, and I give those merging cars plenty of room. Hope he's ok!
I see on Google street view that a bicycle lane starts about 50 meters further down the road. Intersections are often the most hazardous choke points on a road and yet too often around Adelaide bike lanes disappear at these points where they are most needed, only to reappear for a less hazardous section of road a little further on. A particular problem with slipways like this with a zipper merge is that they assume vehicle in both lanes are doing around the same speed. It seems to me that the best solution for an intersection like this if for a painted bike lane from the intersection until it joins with the existing bike lane, requiring turning cars to give way to bicycles and other vehicles traveling straight down the road.
Yes. It's a total mess. The bike lane starts about 30m at the end of the slip rd lane where there are cars waiting to merge and bikes need to merge across to it.


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