Hi All!

I'm working with the team at the Prospect Council on the upcoming Tourrific Prospect event, which will be held on Monday January 19, 2015. This year we don't have a stage start the next day, but we are the official 'Rest Day' activity for the Santos Tour Down Under and are still being promoted and endorsed by them.

We are planning some new and exciting things for this event, which we hope will make it the best yet!

One event we are planning is a vintage bicycle parade, where people can bring along their vintage or retro bikes to ride/display, and dress up in vintage style. This event will be from 8pm onwards, with prizes awarded for the best display! If you are interested in getting involved in this, let us know in what capacity, and your best contact details. You can either post here in this discussion thread, or contact me at emily.renner@prospect.sa.gov.au

Would love to make this event the best it can possibly be! :)


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