My name is David Brooks, I am the Local history Officer for the City of Tea Tree Gully Library and keen cyclist.

No doubt most of you know that Tea Tree Gully is hosting the Bupa stage of the Tour Down Under in 2013. The Library Programs Team is developing a display in the Library foyer in the lead up to the event based on the cycling history of the region. Cycling has a rich history in Tea Tree Gully.

The display, 'Life with your bike' - will be a collection of photographs of people who live, work or play in the City of Tea Tree Gully with their bike. 

We are looking for donations of photographs of people who live work or play in the City of Tea Tree Gully to make the display. Do you have a photo or yourself with your first bike ? Or perhaps out with your family? Maybe you raced BMX in the80's?. A short story to accompany your photo would be great! We will copy the images and return the originals to you. 

We are also looking for people who would be willing to let us borrow their old bike to display with the photographs.

Please feel free to post here or email me at david.brooks@cttg.sa.gov.au or phone me on 08 8397 7467.



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You should get in contact with Katie Hannan at SLSA, sure she'll be able to help you with archived photos (@katykat on twitter)

Thanks Michael, we have some nice photos in our archive, but it's a;wasy great to bet community photos too.



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