Nine is broadcasting the final 2.5 hours of each TDU stage live with the last 2 stages broadcast live.  Must have received plenty of flack about last years coverage.

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Must not be rating time when its on.

Believe me, if AFL or cricket was on that time of year, the TDU wouldn't even get a look in. They cater to the bogans first.

Wonder if they will do a village highlights. If not there is not much reason to vista after the first look through. The failure in that department really effected the numbers that came through last year.

Hopefully they not use the same idiots as commentators as WWOS dis just recently. Their lack of knowledge and constant football references was painfull

Of course they will.  It'll be full of endless commercials, ignorant commentary, and a myopic view of Australian riders at the tail end.  Its channel 9. 

Won't worry me, I'll be riding my bike.

Come on everyone, we sound like a miserable lot, this is a good thing so lets be happy about it! They are trying to better last years performance, will likely make mistakes and may not be perfect but this illustrates their intent and they have listened to last years complaints.

Great news!!

Got this email today from the TdU (after I complained about the coverage last year....)

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions during and after the 2012 Santos Tour Down Under in regards to the TV broadcast programs screened on the Nine Network.

We thought it timely to touch base and update you in regards to the schedule for 2013. We have spent the last 12 months working to bring you even more TV coverage of the Santos Tour Down Under.

For the first time in the race’s history every stage of the Santos Tour Down Under will be shown LIVE on television on the Nine Network.

Coverage will kick off with the People’s Choice Classic on Sunday, January 20, (90 minute delayed program) followed by Stages 1-6 of the Santos Tour Down Under from Tuesday, January 22.

As the world’s best road cyclists fight it out on the streets of Adelaide, cycling fans will see more action LIVE and in HD on GEM in 2013. The Nine Network, which is broadcasting the event for the second time, will showcase the thrilling final two hours of each of the first four stages on GEM as part of a two and half hour daily live package.

To cap off an intense week of cycling, the entire final two stages of the 2013 Santos Tour Down Under will be broadcast LIVE on Saturday at 11.30am AEDT and Sunday at 1.30pm AEDT, January 26-27, on Channel Nine.

Visit for the full schedule.

The Tour team is working very hard on putting together a fabulous event to celebrate our 15th anniversary in 2013 and we appreciate your passion and support of the Santos Tour Down Under.

The Santos Tour Down Under Team

Kewl bananas!

Let's hope the commercial breaks are viewer friendly...

Excellent news!

I assume Phil & Paul do the highlights package which goes worldwide? I wonder if there is a chance they'll do the daily commentary too?

What I'd really like is the guy from Cyclocosm to do the commentary. His "how the race was won" videos are fantastic:


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