14 days riding in Thailand accommodation, most food, support vehicles only A$1,500... just need a plane ticket, $1,250 and $750 for spending money... TOTAL APPROX $3,500 :)

http://tourdethailand.com/ <- I'm going, friends of mine are going.. I've done their Tour de Isan before.... great people run it and it's a amazing place to RIDE!

If Participants would like to extend their stay in Thailand or surrounding countries the Tour de Asia Bicycle Touring Co., Ltd will be happy to make suggestions and can help make arrangements if needed.

Northern Half - December 7th - December 21st (14 nights/15 days)

Sunday, December 6th - Chiang Mai (recommended arrival date)

We recommend riders arrive a little early to Chiang Mai to get acclimated, ease the jet-lag, and to enjoy a stroll through the "Sunday Night Street Market" in the center of Old Town Chiang Mai. There are plenty of other things to do in Chiang Mai, and we will be more than happy to help you find what it is you are looking for.

Monday, December 7th - Chiang Mai (final arrival date)

ll riders for the Northern Half must be in Chiang Mai by today in order to join the ride on time. We will meet you during the day at the hotel and invite everyone to dinner to welcome you and help get you prepared for your journey.

Tuesday, December 8th - Ride from Chiang Mai to Chom Thong (55 Miles/88 KM)

Opening Ceremony and Start of the Tour de Thailand 2009. After a brief opening ceremony we will ride around the inside of the city walls before heading down the Ping River out of town to Chom Thong. Riders have the option to take support vehicles and visit Doi Intanon National Park (Thailand's Highest Mountain Peak).

Wednesday, December 9th - Ride from Chom Thong to Thoen (90 Miles/144 KM)

Today is the furthest and most difficult day of the entire Tour, but not to worry because we will have the support vehicles for those that want a lift.

Thursday, December 10th - Ride from Thoen to Tak (60 Miles/96 KM)

Enjoy the beautiful town of Tak along the Ping River. There is a huge market next to the hotel with loads of food vendors, fruit vendors, and other shopping stalls to walk around and enjoy.

Friday, December 11th - Ride from Tak to Sukhothai (47 Miles/75 KM)

Enjoy the small country road to Sukhothai and arrive in Historical Sukhothai for short bike tour of the Historical Park.

Saturday, December 12th - Day Off in Sukhothai

Enjoy Historical Sukhothai and visit the many beautiful Wats and Ruins of the first Kingdom of Thais, founded in 1238. Options include: Trip to Si Satchanalai Historical Park or a Thai Cooking Class.

Sunday, December 13th - Ride from Sukhothai to Kamphaeng Phet (52 Miles/83 KM)

Enjoy yet another town with many historical wats and ruins along the Ping River that dates back over 700 years.

Monday, December 14th - Ride from Kamphaeng Phet to Nakhon Sawan (73 Miles/117 KM)

Visit the Giant Buddha and hilltop temples or Nakhon Sawan Park. There is also a large shopping plaza and movie theater in case you miss the "Western World". Nakhon Sawan is considered the gateway to the North of Thailand and is where the Ping, Nan, Yom, and Wang Rivers meet to form the famous Chao Phraya River that flows through Bangkok to the Gulf of Thailand.

Tuesday, December 15th - Ride from Nakhon Sawan to Singburi (80 Miles/128 KM)

Today's ride is a long ride with many temples and scenes of Thai life along the mighty Chao Phraya River. Singburi is a quiet little town on the Chao Phraya that is well known for the carving of Buddha images.

Wednesday, December 16th - Ride from Singburi to Ayutthaya (48 Miles/77 KM)

Stop just before Ayutthaya to see the King Narusuan The Great Monument and then move on to "Tony's Place for lunch before we board a small river ferry to get to the hotel. Take a leisurely ride around the Wats of Ayutthaya in the evening while they are brilliantly displayed by lights.

Thursday, December 17th - Day Off in Ayutthaya

Visit the many temples of the former Thai capital from 1350 - 1767. Optional Boat Tour to get a different perspective of the Wats from the water and see all the Thai homes and restaurants along the river. There will be a dinner party to welcome local riders that will be joining us for tomorrow's Local Day Ride

Friday, December 18th - Local Day Ride from Ayutthaya to Bangkok (56 Miles/90 KM)

The Foundation for the Blind and Cycling Clubs from Bangkok and other surrounding areas will come out and join us as we ride around the temples of Ayutthaya and then on to the Bang Pa-In Royal Summer Palace where we will stop for lunch and visit the palace grounds. We will then proceed to Bangkok where we will finish the day ride at the Chai Building (DTAC Headquarters - Gold Sponsors). There will be a short ceremony with some snacks and refreshments and then the registered riders will take the support vehicles back up to Ayutthaya for the night.

Saturday, December 19th - Ride from Ayutthaya to Suphan Buri (42 Miles/67 KM)

Cool off in the water park and walk around the topiary of the lovely park in the city center. Tour the modern observation tower with panoramic view of the town and surrounding countryside.

Sunday, December 20th - Ride from Suphan Buri to Kanchanaburi (65 Miles/104 KM)

A flat ride through the country side that takes us around the metropolis of Bangkok to the Historical Town of Kanchanaburi.

Monday, December 21st - Day Off in Kanchanaburi

Sightseeing in and around Kanchanaburi. Riders from the Northern Half will be saying goodbye and we will be welcoming riders who are joining us for the Southern Half of the Tour de Thailand 2008. There will be a dinner party included for everyone to join.
Southern Half - December 21st - January 4th (14 nights/15 days)

It is RECOMMENDED that riders coming for the Southern Half arrive in Kanchanaburi by Sunday, December 20th to help acclimate and allow time for flight delays and other potential mishaps.

All Southern Half Riders Must Arrive in Kanchanaburi by the afternoon of Monday, December 21st.

Tuesday, December 22nd - Ride from Kanchanaburi to Ratcha Buri (66 Miles/106 KM)

This ride is a long but beautiful back road ride with almost no hills. We will stop at Chum Phon Cave for lunch and to see the cave. Keep an eye on your food, cameras, etc. or the thieving monkeys will quickly take it away from you.

Wednesday, December 23rd - Ride from Ratcha Buri to Petchaburi (47 Miles/75 KM)

Visit another Royal Palace of King Rama IV, take the cable car to the scenic mountain-top Wats.

Thursday, December 24th - Local Day Ride from Petchaburi to Hua Hin (55 Miles/88 KM)

Blind Riders from the Foundation for the Blind and Cycling Clubs from Bangkok and other surrounding areas will come out and join us as we ride to the beach for the first time in the Tour with many beach days to come. Enjoy the lovely beach town that is home to His Majesty the King. Visit the Royal Train Depot, shop at the Night Market, or simply enjoy the beach. What a great way to spend Christmas Eve!

Friday, December 25th - Ride from Hua Hin to Prachuab Khiri Khan (73 Miles/117)

Lunch will be at a pleasant beachfront hotel in Dolphin Bay Beach just before entering the Khao Sam Roi Yok National Park.

Saturday, December 26th - Day Off in Prachuab Khiri Khan

Visit the Thai Air Force Base, Climb the steps to another scenic mountain-top Temple, see the Thai Train Museum, check out the aquarium, take a boat to one of the islands in the bay, or simply enjoy the beach.

Sunday, December 27th - Ride from Prachuab Khiri Khan to Bang Saphan Noi (69 Miles/110 KM)

Monday, December 28th - Ride from Bang Saphan Noi to Chumpon (59 Miles/94 KM)

Today's ride is an incredibly beautiful ride with rolling hills and lots of quiet back roads.

Tuesday, December 29th - Ride from Chumpon to Lang Suan (47 Miles/75 KM)

Relax and enjoy the small town of Lang Suan with it's large fruit and vegetable market, or maybe ride another 10 KM to the beach (each way).

Wednesday, December 30th - Ride from Lang Suan to Surat Thani (76 Miles/122 KM)

Today's ride is more beautiful back road riding with a lunch stop at a local Elementary School.

Thursday, December 31st - Ride from Surat Thani to Khao Sok National Park (64 Miles/102 KM)

We are pretty much in the middle of nowhere, so we just hang out and celebrate the New Year in the most beautiful of settings. The resort we stay at is absolutely spectacular with mountain cliffs, a river, and jungle all around us. You can party, take a swim in the pool with an incredible view all around, or spend some romantic time with someone special ("someone special" not provided by tour operator). It will really knock your socks off!!!

Friday, January 1st - Day Off in Khao Sok National Park

There are many options to choose from, including: Kayaking, Trekking, Elephant Jungle Trekking, Spa with Steam Rooms, and traditional Thai Massage. Each year we make great improvements to this event and you will agree that this is one of the best improvements possible.

Saturday, January 2nd - Ride from Khao Sok National Park to Khao Lak (48 Miles/76 KM)

Just 10 KM into the ride you will have the longest climb of the Tour (4KM), but it should be cool in the morning and the incredible downhill (7KM) is well worth it. In Khao Lak visit the Tsunami Memorials and villages recovering from the destruction of the Tsunami in 2004 then spend some time at the beautiful beaches.

Sunday, January 3rd - Ride from Khao Lak to Phuket (74 Miles/118 KM)

This is a long and motivating ride with usually the most local riders of the Tour riding with us. We will have the steepest mountain climb (though very short) over the mountain into Patong Beach where we will have the Tour de Thailand 2008 Closing Ceremony and Celebrate Life! Dinner party will be included for all VIP's (Registered Riders, Sponsors, Ride Ambassador, Press, Thai Officials, and Charity Representatives).

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