Greetings pro-cycling fans and Francophiles.

It's that time of the year again. Time to pick your Velogames Fantasy TdF team.

Entries closed

If you've never done it before, it's easy. Sign-up and pick your team. Velogames helps you by sorting out the riders who are sprinters, climbers, GC contenders and domestiques. You have valuation of 100 to use and each rider is worth a certain amount. The winning teams are not always the ones with the big names, more the riders who are surprise packages.

Have a go.

The winner* gets a $50 voucher from Chain Reaction Cycles. Two random draw winners will get a Ride Adelaide cap. [see conditions below]

Will Contador pull off the double, or will Froome disappoint (if he gets over the cobbles) or will Nibali.

Who will be staying up for every stage (except TTs, they're so boring). What are your tips. I say green tea is a good alternative to more caffeine.

*Conditions: Team must be entered from the July 4, the start of the race. Prizes can only be won by Adelaide Cyclists members and will be notified by this website's email system. Not transferable for cash or other. The competition is controlled by and their allocation of points and decisions are theirs and cannot be disputed.

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Well, I've made my usual selection of Australian riders ... maybe one day it'll work.

It'll never work. You need a whole of tour approach. No nationalism here. Green Edge don't even pick all Australians!

Yeah, I know. I'm limited to six out of nine anyway just by what's available. I always make sure I include Adam Hansen and Mick Rogers though

I'll need to do 1000% better than I did in the Giro.

The Microdosers are back for the glory of North Korea. Hopefully they can build on their success at the Giro.

Entered my team. I did want to make it the entire Astana team, but the system won't let me !

I'm not sure what time entries close today local time do get in fast.

Lars Boom is a possible non starter if you've picked him. You can still make changes up to close.

For closing, I think that I saw 4pm somewhere.

Well, I made the comment that I would have to do 1000% better than the Giro. Seems like I made a few lucky pics ! Second after Day 1 and first after Day 2 !

I can't see my Team or the Mini League, is it just my out of date IE at work?

If you are using XP as I am, try Firefox and or Google Chrome - - I actually user both of these two. They work well with XP Service pack 3.

I can see it Kara.

Top teams so far (and it's early days)


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