After 512 Days Closed the Torrens Northern track is finally opened.

So if you're taking your kids for a ride along the Torrens this weekend you no longer have to negotiate the blind corner above this track.

Note to ACC if you had used these guys (see below video) we would have 896kms of new bike tracks to ride in the same time it took you to rebuild the torrens track

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Good news! Is the hackney road underpass done yet, too?

Yup, that's been open for a few weeks now.

Thats awesome to hear! was definitely my go to route on my casual rides :)

So how are we supposed to cross South Road now?

Last time I went along there, there was an island between the traffic directions, and now it's gone. Crossing was more than a bit precarious.

Is there not an underpass on the north side of Linear Park? Or is that currently closed?

Both are closed.

I thought that cyclists were meant to use the Ashwin Pde/West Thebarton Rd lights to cross South Rd until the underpass was back in place.


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