The park has been closed until further notice to fix flood damage.

The whole of the park was closed by the SA state incident controller following a power blackout.

Some info in City North Messenger 12-Oct-2016 p 7.

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How much of the trail is closed off? Haven't ridden it for a few weeks.

Unclear from the article, but does say whole of the park closed earlier.

Mostly it seems to be stuff around underpasses and other low lying areas that has been barrier'd off (for example the bridge below the port road intersection. (This was only on the west side. Don't know what it's like on the other side of the city)

A lot of the barriers have been removed or otherwise pushed aside, presumably by people wanting to pass through?

Either way it's a bit of a pain in the arse to get through at the moment, my sympathies for the people who use it for actual commuting.

A flood related item.

SA weather: Landslide risk forces Waterfall Gully cafe to close at short notice
Published by ABC News on 10-Oct-2016
Closed for 3 weeks due to flooding. A landslide a week ago affected parts of the premises but the restaurant itself had not been damaged.

Counting the cost of flooding damage bill
Published in City North Messenger of 19-Oct-2016 on page 5

The repair bill for Campbelltown Council’s section of Linear Park following last month’s floods is likely to top $200,000.
A preliminary assessment:
-- Stabilise damaged boardwalks and eroded river banks $800,000
-- Resurface playground areas $50,000
-- Relay grassed areas $15,000
-- Repair four bridges $15,000

Rode the path from Hackney Rd to the hills and back today. The southern side is clear up to Lower North East Rd at Paradise, after which a section of elevated path has been undermined and blocked off.

The northern side was open from the hills back to Lower Portrush Rd (apart from some small "path closed" signs which everyone was ignoring), then after that a few sections were closed by orange mesh. About half of the low level bridges are closed subject to repairs. There were loads of people back on the trails this lovely cool Sunday which was good to see.

Saw that yesterday, that's gonna take a fair bit of engineering to fix.

I have to say the Councils from Portrush road up have done a remarkable job of getting linear park back to its former self. The Walkerville section however looks terrible and really appears no one has been down there in weeks. The paths are still covered in silt there are fallen trees everywhere and the grass and weeds are starting to take over. It would appear the locals have stopped waiting and now ignore the "closed" signs as there were many many people down there. What shows the lack of interest by the Council is the bins are overflowing to the point of it probably being a health hazard with little black bags of dog excrement piled up on and around the bins. It is pretty disappointing considering we have just done a survey on the inter Council improvement works. Whilst I acknowledge the weather of late has been extreme, if the other Councils to achieve what the have surely Walkerville can as well.....rant over. 

A 3-part post of 2016 news and 2019 updates.

Part 1 – SA weather: Storm damage at Linear Park trail worst Adelaide council has seen
By Angelique Donnellan
Posted by ABC News on 8-Oct-2016

Part 2 – Repairs underway at Torrensville riverbank site
Posted by SA Water on 26-Feb-2019
SA Water, on behalf of the State Govt, has begun on-site remediation of a section of storm-damaged riverbank along the River Torrens near Hardys Rd in Torrensville.
During construction, the shared-use path on this side will remain open to pedestrians and cyclists, however the path on the southern side will be temporarily closed.
SA Water has helped with similar riverbank remediation adjacent the brewery at Hindmarsh, and in Paradise.
"Since receiving funding in 2018 to progress repairs on behalf of the State Govt at four additional sites along the Torrens, we have completed works at Gilberton and Lockleys, and started construction at Thebarton."

Part 3 – Repairs at river hits a big snag
Published in The City and Fringe messenger of 15-May-2019 on page 3
Riverbank repairs at a Torrensville site, the final section still to be fixed after storms in Sep-2016, have hit a snag which could delay works.
Contractors have encountered worse than expected ground conditions, sparking concerns that almost three years will have passed before the Linear Park path is fully opened to pedestrians and cyclists.


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