Top 10 cafes for cyclists (warning, may contain feelpinions)

So a few weeks ago the folk at Glam Adelaide tasked me with coming up with a list of Adelaide's top 10 cafes for cyclists. The article is now up, would love to hear some thoughts...

p.s. before you start, no the intro isn't mine, and the idea was to keep the list within a 'reasonable' radius of the city or readily accessible riding (hence no south or north appearances). 

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I think they're all acceptable candidates.

My additions would be;
First Pour, 111 Melbourne St and as well the one next door to it. First Pour sponsor cycling under their Veneziano brand.

Coffee Institute, 68 North East Rd Walkerville

Red Mill Bakehouse, Hectorville Rd.

And it has s new name but used to be Foodworks at 531 Glynburn Rd past the roundabout as you are heading to Waterfall Gully.

A bit out of town but the cafe in the markets at Lobethal on Sundays is good for a stop.

Still haven't tried out Red Mill, will have to pull in there one day after coming down Monty.

First Pour & Coffee Institute make amazing coffee but again the bike storage/seating issue comes up.

Come on folks....

They tick ALL the boxes...(elitism, pose value, eye candy etc)

CIBO Jetty square Glenelg and The Esplanade Cafe Glenelg

CIBO Henley Beach

my fave...West Beach SLSC (not so much elitism here which is good)

Otto's Bakery, Hahndorf.
Heritage Pies & Pastries, Goolwa.

A bit out of town but,,, Joans Pantry Hawthorndene.  Ambrosia Sema4.   TinShed McLarenVale.

Bakers Edge West Beach.  Yankalilla Bakery.  The Essence Cafe Stirling.  The Golden Fleece Cafe Willunga.    

I'm looking for a coffee shop to take a cycling group (about 15) (maybe 20) around North Adelaide . I don't know the area for coffee shops that well . Any suggestions please ? , obviously enough room for bikes . 

Well, the Glam Adelaide list has Scuzzi, which is in North Adelaide.

Other than that, depends on what you are after and which day of the week that you are going to be going. On O'Connell Street itself, you have a few Cafes, of which Scuzzi and Cibo are probably the best choices in terms of space for bikes.

Off of O'Connell Street, there are other choices like Perrymans or Cafe Teca (opposite each other on Tynte St).

And then you have Melbourne St, which I don't know as well, as I live in the O'Connell part of North Adelaide...

Thank you William. 

With numbers like that, your biggest issue is finding enough seating & storage for yourselves and bikes. The Scuzzi ride I mentioned in the article generally has numbers in excess of that, so they'd be pretty used to catering to a group of that size. 

On Melbourne St, you're probably going to be looking at either Cibo (opposite the Lion Hotel) or the Lion itself.

Given the number of bikes involved I'd suggest Cibo on Prospect road. Plenty of outdoor seating and plenty of room for bikes

Looks like Harvest Cafe at Mylor is going to be selling a lot of coffee during the 2016 Tour Down Under with no less that three stages passing by its door.

I spoke too soon about the cafe at Foodworks on Glynburn Rd at Hazelwood Park, Basecamp it was actually called, it's closed.


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