Hey all

About two months ago I bought a carbon scott roadie from my LBS. I had ALOT of trouble bonding with the bike particularly the handling/stability. I also was experiencing saddle rubbing me raw, knee pain and neck pain. I have since replaced the saddle and got a bike fit from another store which has fixed the knee pain and the saddle sore. However, neck pain remains.

I am 176cm/5.9cm and my Scott roadie is a L/56CM. According to the size chart on the scott website at this height I sit between the M and L frames for the Contessa road range. The new bike shop I have been taking my bike to for pedals/fit/adjustment etc is of the opinion the frame is much too large for me. I have trouble reaching the brakes without shifting positions and never use the drops because I can hardly reach them positioned where I want to be on the saddle. My seat post is very low and barely shows. 

The new shop fitted me on a mens 52cm cannondale and tbh I really liked it. It didn't feel so frekin huge for a start and I could position my hands on the handlebars sitting back on the saddle and am still stretched out in the arms.

I want to get the cannondale but it is almost 3k and there is no way I can afford this without selling my Scott roadie. 

SO I have a few questions 

a) What more do I need to consider before putting the Scott roadie on Gumtree?

b) Any tips about selling a bike?

c) Am I rushing from the frying pan into the fire?

I can't exactly be affording to replace a roadie every 2 months so I need to get this right

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The item they have sold you is not fit for purpose.

How hard you want to push this line is up to you.

I have plugged my measurements into an online website called wrench science which estimate I need a 51-53cm frame, got advice from this forum that others of similar height typically ride approx 52cm frame and got a fit from another bike shop recommending me on a 52cm frame. In psychology we call this data triangulation and is robust enough to draw the conclusion that the 56cm frame is too big. I will be using these points to back up my argument to my LBS

an often used online fit calculator is this one at Competitive Cyclist

Did the store take these measurements before you purchased the bike?

The outlet you have advised you purchased the bike from, AvantiPlus Woodville is part of the AvantiPlus network.

On the Bike Buyers Guide AvantiPlus advise

These sizing charts will provide accurate advice for the majority of cyclists, but for the best sizing advice we always recommend visiting an Avantiplus store where you can physically try the bike and receive expert advice from one of our store professionals.  

On the Avanti Plus FAQ page they have the following:

I’m unsure which size bike I will need?
The best way to decide what size bike you need is to visit an AvantiPlus retail store for expert advice. For online assistance, head to our Bike Buyer Guides page. Here you will find advice and information that will steer you in the right direction. If you are at all unsure what size to buy, visit your local AvantiPlus shop and buy in store where they have the expertise and equipment to fit you properly.

In my view, as a bush lawyer, I would expect that they should have applied that expertise and used the equipment to select the correct frame for you. Unless you did not insist on purchasing another size to the one they advised you to purchase. If you followed the advice offered there appears to be very good grounds for it to be rectified.

I would be phoning the store and asking for an appointment with the manager at a mutually convenient time. I would be explaining in that phone call that you have been experiencing problems with the bike size and would like them to check that it is the frame that is suitable for you. 

When you do meet with the manager, ask that they retake the body measurements, and then apply their expertise and equipment to fit you properly. I would then compare that with the body measurements you have taken and the printout of the online bike fit, and discuss the results. 

I would invite the manager to consider if any remedial action is necessary and then agree when you will be informed of any action to be taken. (The manager may need to seek advice).

And please take someone as a witness, and make sure you get names of who you speak to and write down the steps to be taken. I would then email the manager your summary of the meeting.

You wrote that you have sat on a 52 mens Cannondale and said it felt good. Mens frame sizes are often different to female frames. You might read the AvantiPlus guides Part 1 and Part 2 

I wish that it is resolved so you can get back riding. 

I have recently purchased another road bike, (now nine), but it is a little small for me. I knew it beforehand and accepted that I will have plenty of seatpost and a 'competitive' seatpost to bar drop. My issue is that whenever I go into the bike shop where it was reassembled (I bought it secondhand from overseas) Peter has as his opening greeting "When are you going to sell me that frame?" It happened again yesterday. He has a customer that it would suit perfectly.

*** UPDATE** (not good...)

11.30AM- spoke to Store manager Andy  on the phone. Informed him I was experiencing neck pain, knee pain  etc and that I had sought advise elsewhere/got bike fit done/taken online measurements and that I and others were of the opinion that the frame was too big. Andy informed me that they had taken all steps to help me gain my confidence and that this was the first they had heard of it in the 8 weeks of me getting the bike.

(This is not strictly true, I mentioned within the first two weeks of getting the bike when I took the bike its first service that it did not feel right and I was thinking of selling. They did not offer a refit or assistance at this point and simply suggested that I would not recover much money by selling)

Andy stated that as ‘this was the first they had heard of it’ and that because I had taken the bike elsewhere I had not given them a chance to fix it that they were ‘taking a stand’.

It is true that they providing me with some initial support around my confidence but as I stated to Andy this is a different issue to the fit and no amount of confidence  is going to chance the fact that I am in pain when I ride that bike.

It was beyond disappointing and the store manager was incredibly rude to me. I thought he might appreciate how it would feel to have a bike that isn’t right. I am not trying to take advantage of anyone and it is NOT a simple case of changing my mind. It’s just taken me a little while to get the confidence up to say this bike is NOT RIGHT. Unfortunately it appears that I will have to bear the financial burden for this if I do not want to give up cycling.

All he offered was for me to bring it in n the new year and that they might look at and do things like change the stem/adjust the fit. I am beyond upset and have spent the past half hour bawling my eyes out.

I just don’t know what to do. I really can’t fix this on by own and I am too scared to go in there on my own . I don’t know many  other cyclists and  I don’t know how I am meant to meet them if I don’t even have a bike I can ride confidently in a peloton

Mmmhmm just so happens at some point we want to get my OH a road bike and me a MTB. Won't be buying them there. 

They are saying the bike is the correct size so it's a bit like banging my head against a brick wall. 

Will be putting the bike on gumtree after Xmas.

It appears to me that AvantiPlus are selling a package which includes getting the correct bike size. Their web site is very clear about that. 

It is different to a self-serve department store purchase where the buyer assumes all responsibility. 

I would think that the store manager may have been reading this thread and is unsure of how to deal with the situation. 

I have PMed Loops and we'll see what comes from that.

Lets all have a merry Christmas.

It would explain the odd choice of language 'put an end to this' (If I hadn't mentioned it before according to him how could there be anything started. in order to end.'?) and his overly curt nature. I was a bit taken aback as I was not expecting it. I am a little between a rock and hard place as I just want to get a good fitting bike and feel knowledge can only be a good thing, hence my seeking advice here.

Maybe Santa will come measure me in my sleep and bring me a custom elf made frame :p

Merry Christmas all


Were you wereing heels when you went for the fitting?

(jab at ridiculous women's shoes)

You could try contacting avanti corporate.

Lol. I'm too tall for heels. I look like a gigantor. I do want to pink my roadie/future roadie to high heaven though (wheels,cages'handlebar tape, maybe a spray job) :S

I've just been reading all this and I'm sorry to here of your tale of woe, Loops. Not having a bike to ride comfortably at this time of the year is a major bummer. As others have pointed out, the dealer's probably got his back up about this issue being discussed here.

I've noticed a ladies Scott Contessa listed on Gumtree this afternoon and I assume it yours. Looking at the picture, it does seem to have quite a long stem (perhaps 110mm?). I have to ask, would it be worth trying a shorter stem? A 60mm stem would bring your bars a good 2 inches closer. Personally, I have lower back issues an fitted a 70mm stem to my bike and turned the bars up a bit which made the world of difference to my comfort. I sit quite upright but I'm comfortable on long rides.

Anyway, I hope it all works out for you.


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