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About two months ago I bought a carbon scott roadie from my LBS. I had ALOT of trouble bonding with the bike particularly the handling/stability. I also was experiencing saddle rubbing me raw, knee pain and neck pain. I have since replaced the saddle and got a bike fit from another store which has fixed the knee pain and the saddle sore. However, neck pain remains.

I am 176cm/5.9cm and my Scott roadie is a L/56CM. According to the size chart on the scott website at this height I sit between the M and L frames for the Contessa road range. The new bike shop I have been taking my bike to for pedals/fit/adjustment etc is of the opinion the frame is much too large for me. I have trouble reaching the brakes without shifting positions and never use the drops because I can hardly reach them positioned where I want to be on the saddle. My seat post is very low and barely shows. 

The new shop fitted me on a mens 52cm cannondale and tbh I really liked it. It didn't feel so frekin huge for a start and I could position my hands on the handlebars sitting back on the saddle and am still stretched out in the arms.

I want to get the cannondale but it is almost 3k and there is no way I can afford this without selling my Scott roadie. 

SO I have a few questions 

a) What more do I need to consider before putting the Scott roadie on Gumtree?

b) Any tips about selling a bike?

c) Am I rushing from the frying pan into the fire?

I can't exactly be affording to replace a roadie every 2 months so I need to get this right

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The classifieds on Adelaide cyclists seems pretty active with listings- could always try here first if you wish to sell..

Thanks. I am leaning towards selling as the bike has never felt right. There has been some improvements but it still doesn't feel right. It will be sad to have to sell. I am also led to believe due to the frame size/colouring it might also suit a shorter male..

Private sellers can sell on www.bikeexchange.com.au Be honest, you're selling because the frame is to big for you. Despite being as new don't expect to get much more than 50-60% of what you paid, if you do, all to the good. Advertise now and keep advertising into January, there will be some seeking to spend Christmas money or to upgrade for BUPA etc. I know of at least one person who buys 90% of  his bikes and bike parts on ebay so have a look there. You should be able to get a free bike box from a decent bike shop if you need to freight the bike somewhere.

Theres no need to be to vitriolic but please tell us which bike shop sold you a bike that is clearly at least 2 sizes to big for you, they should be ashamed of themselves.


I purchased the bike from Avanti Plus Woodville as I was keen to buy from my LBS and build a relationship with them for servicing/ease of being able to nip over for stuff 

I agree. I can be somewhat timid in uncharted territory so I am not keen to go in there and I am not really sure what can be done to fix the problem. Yes adjustments can be made to the stem but I have felt for a while that the bike was too big. I tried to suck it up but I've had enough now. I have been avoiding the shop as I don't really trust them now

I'm about the same height as you and I ride a 52cm Specialized Secteur which is pretty much spot on the right size for me. Nothing worse than riding a bike that's too big for you.

Don't I know it. It swamps me. I am feeling kind of sad about the whole experience. Oh well hopefully she will go to a good home

The seat tube length isn't really that important (within reason), you can always adjust the seat height, BUT, not much can be done with the top tube length except by changing stem length.

According to Scott geometry chart, the TT length is 56cm!!!  That's WAAAY too long and even with a very short stem would not be suitable.   I'd suggest should be around 525 to 530mm for your height.   In the Scott range, that is a small.

Get the correct size bike, a good fit,  and many problems will disappear.

I am around the same height as you and ride a 52cm Merida with 530mm top tube. Perfect fit for me.

Yeh I am gutted about it. I have also registered for the BUPA challenge and don't know what to do... I am not sure I can afford to make up the difference between the price I will get for my Scott and the cannondale. If I go any cheaper I won't get a carbon frame... Assuming I manage to sell the Scott within the month it will leave me bikeless for the BUPA challenge :S

You don't need a carbon frame lol!

Ive ridden 13:54 up norton on my heavy bamboo bike.

13:10 on my 2007 alloy cannondale.

The lesson to learn from this experience is you MUST test ride a bike for at least 200k to really get a feel if you like it or not. Otherwise you just set yourself up for this sort of issue again.

Definitely sounds like the bike is too big. Speaking generally someone of your height should be on a medium.

The 52cm cannondale might even be not he small size. I'm 178cm and ride a 54cm cannondale.

In my opinion the bike store has sold you something that is not fit for purpose. They need to be made accountable. I think its crap that they try and pass on stock regardless of weather it is right or not!
+1 to that ..I'm 171 and ride a 54cm Cannondale ..go back to the LBS and they should sort your issues out.....


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