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About two months ago I bought a carbon scott roadie from my LBS. I had ALOT of trouble bonding with the bike particularly the handling/stability. I also was experiencing saddle rubbing me raw, knee pain and neck pain. I have since replaced the saddle and got a bike fit from another store which has fixed the knee pain and the saddle sore. However, neck pain remains.

I am 176cm/5.9cm and my Scott roadie is a L/56CM. According to the size chart on the scott website at this height I sit between the M and L frames for the Contessa road range. The new bike shop I have been taking my bike to for pedals/fit/adjustment etc is of the opinion the frame is much too large for me. I have trouble reaching the brakes without shifting positions and never use the drops because I can hardly reach them positioned where I want to be on the saddle. My seat post is very low and barely shows. 

The new shop fitted me on a mens 52cm cannondale and tbh I really liked it. It didn't feel so frekin huge for a start and I could position my hands on the handlebars sitting back on the saddle and am still stretched out in the arms.

I want to get the cannondale but it is almost 3k and there is no way I can afford this without selling my Scott roadie. 

SO I have a few questions 

a) What more do I need to consider before putting the Scott roadie on Gumtree?

b) Any tips about selling a bike?

c) Am I rushing from the frying pan into the fire?

I can't exactly be affording to replace a roadie every 2 months so I need to get this right

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Haha, no, I didn't do that. All I wanted is some spokes in a particular size, and some friendly service. I don't think that prop. wants customers who do their own maintenance!

However all was not lost and another LBS got my business. (BMCR plug plug!)

Its pretty easy to sell customers dodgy fitting bikes. Most customers just want the cheapest possible bike with the best components, nice paint job and from a famous brand. Not many people really care about bike fit unfortunately so the standard in the industry is pretty low. Even the good bike fitting shops rarely will mark your measurements with a white out pen for fear of the customer complaining 'my bike got vandalized!' lol!

One really has to do their homework before jumping into a bike purchase. Then you have to carry a white out pen. I laugh at how many people spend big $ on bike fit/bling products but their seat has fallen down a few mm and they don't even know it! They are losing performance and now looking for the next thing to buy to try and get it back. I went to sydney for a few hours last thursday for a bike fit. I marked my measurements before I even pulled my bike off Steve Hogg's wind trainer. 

I can understand some peoples frustration but they also need to be taking some responsibility. Takes 2 to get a bad deal. One person to sell it and the other to be gullible enough to buy it. If you don't learn some basics then you just bring your inexperience into the next bike purchase.

Gees Frank...post Christmas blues??
Still doesn't excuse it. Particularly if you rely on repeat business!

I agree. It was not my intention to 'name and shame' I was just looking for advice as felt something was not right. I have since been back to the shop with another cyclist and given them an opportunity to help me improve the fit of the bike. I could have probably handled the situation with them better but yes so could of they but considering the convenience of the LBS for servicing and some previous good experiences with the shop I think there can be some scope for rebuilding the relationship.

I spent 4 hours with Loops this morning, riding, having coffee and riding, and then going to the store she bought the bike from and seeing Andy. All smiles from all people.
I feel the thread needs to be finalised with where we finished today and what we are going to do in the near future. Andy had previously spent plenty of time with Loops, even taking her to Victoria Park cycling track for a lesson!!! as well as fitting accessories Loops had bought elsewhere. Andy did not charge for these extras!. 
I feel the bike frame is suitable given Loops's longer torso (relative to mine). Her position on the bike looked stable and comfortable and she rode she was stable, if somewhat lacking in confidence. She got better as the ride progressed and is a good student.

I took Loops bike into the store she bought it from with Loops apprehensive, and accepting my suggestion to wait outside with my bike. But we needed Loops with the bike to check on lever shims. Andy was very helpful, explaining what he was doing (we were after extra lever shims and for a tuneup for the new bike stretched gear cables. Andy's wife who also is at the store was attentive and supportive.
Andy had set the bike up for a new rider and there is an opportunity for the bike to be set up more aggressively as Loops becomes more experienced. 

The road bike position is new to Loops and I have offered other rides in the near future to build up confidence and experience.  Todays ride was on regular roads which Loops has previously avoided, and she did well.

Next time Loops, it is your shout for coffee at La Musette.

It sounds like the frame is too big. I've been there, too eager to make use of a good price. Turned out that close enough wasn't good enough. If the frame is too big, you can only really cut your losses and move on. When you find a bike that fits, you will realise straight away.

Best thing to do is use the online bike fit calculator, then you have a guide to what size you should be looking for. Setup can be tweaked, but anyone that says we can make it fit you are trying to sell you a big frame (i've seen it happen but not naming names here).

Rob W

please see the posts from Loops and I immediately above, no doubt we were all typing at the same time.

Sometimes a second opinion is what counts :) sounds like she got the help she needed. It is a big step to go from sit up to lean forward. Though re-reading the original post it sounds pretty close to the top end of frame fit.

 + 1 to Big Block to help and resolve this for all parties concerned.

A nice result and a really generous offer from Big Block to help.

It was very kind it was like having a cycling coach :) and I am very happy I will not be up for more expense for a new bike and can keep my carbon roadie as she really is a beautiful bike. Really enjoyed myself at La Musette too, very good vibe. Under big blocks tutelage looking to build up to joining the slowest beginners cobwebs in a few months time


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